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Award Winning JooMo® is an innovation led business, and is a huge pan-European research & development success story. 

Using the latest state-of-the-art developments, our products have been created and designed at some of Europe’s top Universities & Research Laboratories, including:

Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Much of the initial research and development work was conducted at the University of Surrey.

Working mainly with Professor Spencer Taylor (Professor of Colloid Surface Chemistry), three essential project objectives were stipulated.

1 · 100% Truly Natural · 2 · Ability to pass all the EU regulations for microbial stability WITHOUT using preservatives · 3 · Product would enhance the skin’s microbiome.

The muti-billion dollar cosmetics industry said it couldn’t be achieved…!

Professor Spencer Taylor (Professor of Colloid Surface Chemistry, University of Surrey) on the creation of JooMo

Professor Frans Muller and team with the first JooMo prototype being manufactured at the University of Leeds.

Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD)

The first JooMo prototype was manufactured at the University of Leeds by Professor Frans Muller, iPRD’s Professor of Chemical Process Engineering and his team.

You can read about more our collaboration with the University of Leeds in their magazine IMPACT (ref. pages 17 – 18).

Institute of Hygiene, Microbiology and Environmental Medicine.

JooMo’s cutting-edge research into the skin microbiome and the development of our products’ skin microbiome enhancing properties has been carried out at the Medical University of Graz.

Two ground-breaking studies have been completed under the guidance of Professor Christine Moissl-Eichinger, Professor for Interactive Microbiome Research.

Professor Christine Moissl-Eichinger (Professor for Interactive Microbiome Research) with the first JooMo swabs for testing the skin microbiome.

We are JooMo!

We will stop the deceit. 

We will show you how to get perfect skin. 

We will do it together.

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JooMo Cooperative!

“Did you know … that JooMo is a Cooperative?”

The JooMo founders explain the JooMo business ethos, and how it is different from all the rest.

We pledge

Award Winning JooMo® is an innovation led business dedicated to enhancing the lives of people across the world. Our mission is to clear up the confusion in the natural cosmetics industry so that consumers can make an informed judgement, and we will start a new movement for THIRD WAVE truly natural cosmetics that maintain health by focusing on enhancing your skin’s microbiome. This will revolutionize and transform the marketplace.

Through our operational structure and business principles, we will become role models for how a modern successful enterprise should be run. We will embark on a a new form of ‘kind’ capitalism, where fairness, ethical dealings and ‘Trade not Aid’ ensure honest profit for all stakeholders.

The JooMo® Brand will be trusted as safe, effective, ethical, environmental and healthy.

Kind Capitalism

Our success comes from our Cooperative values of honesty and fairness for all, and believe in the classical liberal values of Capitalism for All.

We want to return to the days when companies looked after their employees and had a sense of civic pride and duty.We only employ people and work with suppliers who share our values and attitudes: they will be passionate about what we are jointly doing, will have fun and feel valued and part of the business. We believe in a service culture, whereby all customers are valued and treated as important.

We have a belief in humanity, tolerance but not of prejudice and cruelty, ‘do as you would be done by’. Should never hurt or exploit people more vulnerable than ourselves.

We support SOS Africa, bringing education to children who so desperately need it.

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