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Linda Russell’s own skin problems, and the complete failure of any skin product to help, ignited an urgent search for the truth. She found the skin care industry to be in a complete state of disarray with endemic unethical practices. JooMo was born out of necessity.

You can read how Linda’s desperate search for a skin cure and her horror at the mis-information by the so-called ‘Natural’ lobby led to the creation of JooMo in Linda’s Story…

“My own skin problems, exacerbated by any standard skin care product the cosmetics industry threw at me, made me seek a solution. The deceit, lies and unethical practice I unearthed within the industry shocked me to the core.”

Linda was born in the seaside town of Troon, on the west coast of Scotland, most famous for hosting The Open golf tournament 8 times. A school netball captain with an early talent for, and love of, languages meant it was a natural progression for her to go to Glasgow University and gain a Masters degree in French and German, followed by a postgraduate diploma in International Marketing.

While subsequently working for organisations across France, Germany and Italy, Linda also showed an entrepreneurial flair for causes and products she believed in, setting up businesses promoting modern Scottish designers and language courses for children.

Linda’s natural creativity was probably inherited from her father – a graduate of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s Glasgow School of Art – while her compassion and ethical determination derives from her mother and grand-father’s influence as prominent Ministers of the Church of Scotland.

From a family of political activists (including an MSP cousin), Linda has long been an advocate of global Liberal reform, and was a key contributor to the Liberal Awakening Manifesto. As a result, Linda was asked by the LibDems to feature at a recent conference to illustrate the importance of European cooperation on the growth of JooMo.