Team JooMo - Nick

The multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry said it couldn’t be done, but two stunning ‘eureka’ insights by Nick Wallen ‘achieved the impossible’ and changed the natural skin care industry forever.

“Our vision was to not only create the world’s first ever 100% natural face wash, but one which is far better than any other alternative. It so turned out that the only way to do this was for every ingredient to be natural. We are here to clean up the industry and put a stop to the skin health crisis, one step at a time.”

With a background in chemistry, microelectronics and IT coupled with a serial entrepreneurial past (including setting up a modern tennis coaching academy), Nick co-created JooMo as the answer to inexorable rise of skin problems he’d seen in the world around him. He was baffled by the skin health crisis in the western world, which is currently spiralling out of control, and constantly asked himself:

“Why, with an ever increasingly wealthy and well-connected society, is there a rapid increase in skin problems?”

The answer was chemicals in cosmetic products, including the lies of the so-called ‘natural’ cosmetic industry that hid dangerous additives behind deceitful labelling … the JooMo project was born out of a determination to rid the world of this scandal forever.

Nick was born in Ely and lived in many different places in Britain and Germany during his childhood, due to his father being a doctor with the RAF. A passionate sportsman and school cricket and football captain, Nick studied at Manchester University and joined many other wonderful alumni, such as John Dalton (the father of modern chemistry) and John Charles Polanyi (Nobel Prize winner 1986) by graduating with a BSc in Chemistry.

By going one step further in the cosmetics industry than anyone ever before, Nick has carried on with the “Wallen” family’s history of success: 

– his father was an eminent doctor and Olympic standard decathlete.

– his Trinidadian grandfather was a GP, film actor, banjolele player (he taught George Formby!) and played cricket for Scotland.

– his maternal grandfather was a Daily Express journalist and author of numerous books.

– his grandmother was a RADA trained stage actress and highly successful business-woman, owning a hotel on The Strand next to Charing Cross station.

With a strong family background in political discourse, Nick is also the spiritual influence behind the Liberal Awakening Manifesto…