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“The Skin Microbiome revolution has arrived, and JooMo are the World leaders.”

“Why’s this important? Because a damaged Microbiome has been linked with all common skin problems: acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and EVEN skin cancer!”

“And a ‘Medical University of Graz’ study has PROVEN that its JooMo’s products that restore the skin microbiome, leading to both healthy & hydrated skin in just 2 WEEKS.”

“How do we do it? Because JooMo alone are offering specialised cutting-edge microbiome technology, and we had to develop the World’s FIRST EVER 100% TRULY Natural and Preservative free face & body wash to make it work.”

“As a research led modern ethical business, JooMo are the pioneers of the coming ‘THIRD WAVE’ cosmetic era, and we are leading the fightback against the skin allergy epidemic that’s raging across the Western world.”

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