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1st May 2020

Baby with severe eczema uses latest skin microbiome technology to relieve condition.

Before and after pictures reveals evidence of how strengthening your microbiome strengthens your immune system.

At 5 months old, Dutch baby Mason’s whole face became incredibly inflamed, and Doctor’s suggested using topical steroids. However, Mason’s mother (Tamara) had herself suffered from the damaging consequences of long term use of these medicines, and was determined, therefore, not to allow her baby to undergo such treatment.

So she turned to world leaders in skin microbiome biodiversity JooMo Ltd, and their products that enhanced the skin’s natural immune defences. After following their 4 month recovery plan, Tamara has agreed to release pictures of Mason’s progress in an article called ‘Mason’s Story’. This describes her baby’s remarkable journey from desperate sufferer to a normal happy and healthy little boy.

Tamara’s quote illustrate the pleasure she felt from her baby’s improvement:

“Because we found JooMo, he (Mason) can now do normal baby stuff because he isn’t itchy all the time! Like playing with his big brothers and learning to eat!”

A damaged Microbiome has been linked with all common skin problems: acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and even skin cancer. Since its release JooMo’s Microbiota Immune Response Regulation (MIRR)™ Technology has transformed the lives of severe sufferers of skin problems around the world, and a Medical University of Graz published study has proven that JooMo’s products restore the skin microbiome, leading to both healthy & hydrated skin in just 2 weeks.

Kit Wallen Russell, co founder of JooMo, who guided Tamara and baby Mason through their recovery plan explains:


“It’s a wonderful feeling being able to help grasp such a sweet hearted little boy like Mason from the clutches of possible life-long steroid use.”

“We’re alone in offering specialised cutting-edge microbiome technology, and we had to develop the World’s first ever 100% truly Natural and Preservative free face & body wash to make it work.”

The key to understanding how JooMo technology works is to realise that natural healthy ‘Caveman’ skin is actually a rich, biodiverse ecosystem of microbes that works with the immune system to fight off disease and prevent allergies.

Kit concludes:

“We suffered needlessly with skin problems for years. We were failed by Doctors and deceived by the Cosmetics Industry. We want to help millions of people across the world in similar positions get healthy skin.”


You can read ‘Mason’s Story’ at JooMo’s Skin Microbiome School:



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Notes to Editors

JooMo Ltd

Motivated by the scandal of the developed world’s skin disease epidemic with a 500% increase in childhood skin problems (eczema, allergies, acne, etc), JooMo have invented and developed the World’s First Ever 100% truly natural preservative free face wash.

Their ‘Third Wave’ skin microbiome friendly products repair the damage caused by normal skin care products, and focus on empowering, not changing, the skin’s natural environment, protecting it against the destructive work of harmful synthetic chemicals and opportunistic pathogenic microbes.

Appalled at the dishonesty of the so-called ‘natural’ cosmetics industry, Linda Russell, Nick Wallen and their twin sons Sam & Kit used this industry redefining technology to co-found Award Winning British success story JooMo Ltd.