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1st June 2017

The end of the Cosmetics industry as we know it?

New research proposes first ever method of confirming the link between everyday Cosmetics and the Skin Allergy epidemic.

(Science Journal Reference: Cosmetics 2017, 4(2), 14; doi: 10.3390/cosmetics4020014 )

A new peer reviewed study, published in science journal ‘Cosmetics’, proposes a first ever mechanism for determining whether somebody’s skin is unhealthy and therefore prone to allergies or disease.

The significance of this research is that finally there is a tool available that can prove whether everyday cosmetics really are – as many have suspected – the main cause of the skin allergy epidemic in the western world.

Twin scientist authors Sam and Kit, co-founders of leading skin health co-operative JooMo, describe how “Healthy ecosystems, from Yellowstone Park down to bacteria in the human gut, appear to display higher diversity of species, when compared with unhealthy or damaged ones…” and use the example of the re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park to highlight this issue.

They explain that our own skin is no different from ecosystems everywhere else in nature, where biodiversity is the key indicator of good health, and states how our skin too must have a minimum level of bacterial biodiversity present at all times in order to thrive.

Research into this skin allergy crisis was the inspiration for the authors’ invention of the world’s first ever truly 100% natural (and preservative free) products which aim to encourage bacterial diversity on the skin. Their new skin health prediction tool proposed in the paper will be used to role out further clinical studies to test the damage common cosmetics do to the skin.

They also show how biodiversity on the skin of subjects isolated from the western world (ie. ‘Caveman skin’) is far higher than that of western subjects. This clearly indicates there is an environmental factor in the west creating this reduced bacterial diversity on the skin, and as a result, poor skin health.

A first draft solution to the skin allergy epidemic is proposed: “the reintroduction of species diversity to the skin through products which enhance and recreate its natural environment – just like in the gut, where a better diet encourages the growth of a wider diversity of microbes.” The authors aim to destroy the common belief that skin bacteria must be wiped out in order to maintain healthy skin.

Lead author and JooMo co-founder Kit Wallen Russell highlights the potentially ground breaking impact of their research:

“The multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry has long ago ceased being a force for good, and instead is almost certainly the main environmental factor that has directly lead to the catastrophic break-down in western skin health over the last 100 years.”

The industry’s massive use of synthetic chemicals has almost certainly been the major factor in western skin sensitisation, and so-called ‘natural’ products have continued this trend.

Co-author Sam Wallen Russell explains:

“First wave 20th century cosmetics were based around cheap and powerful chemical ingredients.”

“As the general public became more aware of the health dangers of synthetic chemicals in their food and skin care products, the cosmetics industry responded by bringing out so-called ‘natural’ products that were in truth not natural at all!”

“Our paper and follow-on research will expose this deceit and will presage a third wave of health enhancing cosmetics, bringing the inexorable rise in skin allergy problems to an end.”

Journal References:

Cosmetics 2017, 4(2), 14; doi: 10.3390/cosmetics4020014 

Wallen-Russell, C.; Wallen-Russell, S. Meta Analysis of Skin Microbiome: New Link between Skin Microbiota Diversity and Skin Health with Proposal to Use This as a Future Mechanism to Determine Whether Cosmetic Products Damage the Skin. Cosmetics 2017, 4, 14.

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Motivated by the scandal of the developed world’s skin disease epidemic with a 500% increase in childhood skin problems (eczema, allergies, acne, etc), JooMo have invented and developed the World’s First Ever 100% Truly natural face wash. It focuses on empowering, not changing, the skin’s natural environment, protecting it against the destructive work of harmful synthetic chemicals and opportunistic pathogenic microbes.

Appalled at the dishonesty of the so-called ‘natural’ cosmetics industry, Linda Russell, Nick Wallen and their twin sons Sam & Kit used this industry redefining technology to co-found Award Winning British success story JooMo Ltd.

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