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5th November 2015


Reading born Twin Brother Physicists – co-founders of JooMo Ltd – unveil their ‘Liberal Awakening’ youth manifesto.

JooMo Founders: Sam & Kit [more...]

JooMo Founders: Twins Kit & Sam
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Trailblazing Bulmershe School educated twins Kit and Sam Wallen Russell – inventors and creators of the world’s first ever 100% truly natural face wash – have responded to the crisis of youth disengagement in UK politics by adding a campaigning and charitable arm, the ‘JooMo Foundation’, to the company.

Recent UCL Geophysics Masters graduate Kit says:

“Youth apathy is a myth. In reality, young people are far more socially engaged than 20 years ago, yet there is huge discontent bubbling beneath the surface. So-called youth spokespeople such as Russell Brand, and even Jeremy Corbyn, form a landscape dominated by fear, anger and envy, and offer no positive system for change.”

The ‘Liberal Awakening’ manifesto is a direct riposte to this negativity,  offering young people real solutions and above all a sense of excitement and hope about a future of equal opportunity for all. With the values of ‘freedom of the individual’ and ‘as little government interference as necessary’ at its core, its aim is to transform the decimated Liberal Democrat party into a party of government by 2025.

The decision to link business and politics is controversial, with detractors claiming that businesses should stay apolitical. Recent ‘Nuclear Astrophysics’ Masters graduate Sam disagrees:

“For too long now companies have kept their distance from the society they profit from: we believe that benefiting from society while taking a hands off approach to shaping its social, ethical and political direction has led to much of the distaste we see towards the capitalist system.”

Not content, therefore, just to develop a unique brand of world leading products, the brothers want JooMo to lead the world in other ways too: as a campaigning capitalist business with a democratically based cooperative shareholding, JooMo Ltd. represents a new breed of values based companies. Sam sums up:

“We want the ‘JooMo Foundation’ to actively promote the causes we believe in and drive forward our key beliefs, irrespective of any controversy this causes.”

Sam Wallen Russell [more...] Kit Wallen Russell [more...]
Sam Wallen Russell [more…] Kit Wallen Russell [more…]

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Notes to Editors

JooMo Ltd

Motivated by the scandal of the developed world’s skin health crisis with a 500% increase in childhood skin problems (eczema, allergies, acne, etc), JooMo have invented and developed the World’s First Ever 100% Truly natural face wash. Appalled at the dishonesty of the so-called ‘natural’ cosmetics industry, Linda Russell, Nick Wallen and their twin sons Sam & Kit used this industry redefining technology to co-found Award Winning British success story JooMo Ltd.


JooMo Foundation

The ‘Liberal Awakening’

…the Disestablishment of the Ruling Class


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