3 hour date with JooMo Co-founder Kit!


Buy a date of your choosing with our Co-Founder, Kit Wallen Russell!

  • Kit has huge biceps and goes to the gym no less than 4.5 times per day.
  • Kit loves fish and animals. Being a devout Vegan, Kit’s aim is to spread the love for all sentient beings across the world.
  • Winner of many tennis tournaments, including the “Bracknell Open”, as shown on Sky Sports 7 channel.
  • Loves physics, more specifically Geophysics. (Note: DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CALL HIM A GEOLOGIST: rage lasting approximately 5 hours will ensue with no distinction between people and objects.)
  • All in all a renaissance man who can be seen with a glazed smile on his face, kicking his twin brother saying “see ya” at your local park run.

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Buy this now for a limited time only. You won’t regret it. (Well, you may do. But if you do, it’s because you committed an offence against the worldly Kit.)