Twins Paradox: All I want for Christmas is …

I like getting presents
for people I care about and thinking that it will make them happy. I
enjoy receiving presents. But what I really, really love is spending
one day with my family where time seems to stop and for that single
day a year, there are no niggling worries and pressures, no
impending deadlines or concerns about the future. It’s as if there’s
a fantasy world you step into and get lost. The strongest memories
are ones that you have big emotional attachments to and I’m pretty
sure one of my earliest memories was of Christmas, which shows that
even at that early age it was an emotional spike in my short

Christmas is billed as a big present giving and receiving ceremony
in many parts of society, which within reason isn;t a bad thing. But
when the present giving and materialistic side of Christmas is made
the priority, this is what I object to. I go shopping at Christmas
and see so many grumpy people, rushing about with enough bags of
presents to fill their house twice over, with a face that shows the
“worry” and “pressure” of having to get people presents. “I’ve GOT
to buy my 22nd removed cousin, Martha, a present.. It’s not like
actually speaking to her is enough.” The shops are filled with
people who, as Oscar Wilde put it so well, “Know the price of
everything and the value of nothing.”

For me, Christmas should be about feeling lucky and priviledged
enough to have loved ones, where anything on the top is a bonus. Too
much time is wasted on insignificant things when that time could be
being put into forming better relationships with the people you like
and within your community.

So I reckon, for this Christmas, people should carry on giving
presents but if you’re stuck for ideas and instead of frantically
buying things for the sake of it, give the life time gift of a
compliment, a joke, a jibe, a question. These things stick around in
memories. Material presents don’t tend to!

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