Twins Paradox: What is sadder?

The amazing times in South Bend have come to and end and I’m back
on small, unassuming British soil. There are too many memories to
mention and the amount that I feel I’ve grown in just this one year
is unprecedented. From playing football (the real kind) for Steds A
to tailgating and watching the Fighting Irish (American) football,
from sitting shifts in government labs to playing tennis with ND
tennis club, from getting Soggy in Zahm house to seeing the Arctic
Monkeys Headline Lollapalooza in Chi town, from running the Chicago
half marathon to building a particle detector, from having my first
Christmas away from home at the Knobloch’s to skinny dipping in lake
Michigan – I’ve had a nutty year to remember so cheers Uncle Sam.
You’ve been a mentor, a friend, sometimes a hard task master and a
lover. But more than that, you’ve pushed me into things that I never
thought I could achieve.

This was one of the hardest goodbyes of my life, and initially,
that sounds like it was a sad occasion. And by “jove” it was… I
could barely walk through the security line as I said goodbye to my
girlfriend. But as it was inevitable, I’m gonna grab it, pick it up
and turn it right on its head. As always, I’m so thankful for the
vast and rich experiences I’ve had and I think the main point is, if
I didn’t leave feeling unimaginably sad, then I’d know that I didn’t
put everything into the experience, which would be disappointing at
best and soul destroying at worst. Philosophical thought of the day:
What is sadder, leaving a place/person/moment with nothing to
mourn for
or having to rip yourself away from something that
holds such a big piece of your heart? I know which one I’d pick and
standing in this moment, here and now, I know I have picked the
latter way of looking at life. So, as much as it pains me to think
about what I’ve left in South Bend, IN, I look at it as another rich
moment, one of the richest moments in my life so far, and another
stepping stone of excitement.

Until next time, ND. Onwards and upwards.

Oh and Go Irish!

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