Open Letter to LibDems

Liberal Awakening Manifesto25th August 2015

FAO: Baroness Sarah Brinton (President)
Liberal Democrats
8-10 Great George Street
London. SW1P 3AE

Dear Baroness Brinton,

In the wake of the catastrophic loss of LibDems seats in the recent election, we announce the launching of the Liberal Awakening with its specific aim of the UK Liberal Democrats (LibDems) forming a majority government by 2025.

Focussing on the disenchantment and disengagement of youth with a failed political class and their failed dogma, the Liberal Awakening is an active and positive response to both the apathetic, cynical and depressingly policy-lite alternatives articulated by populist, self-promoting celebrities such as Russell Brand, and the extremist, statist alternatives of the traditional far right & left.

It will be a global movement, originating here in the UK, where the freedom of the individual is paramount within the framework of an engaged, cohesive and caring society. The central theme is equality of opportunity, not outcome, whereby everybody, irrespective of background, has an equal chance of fulfilling their aspirations and dreams. It marks a return to true liberalism i.e. if individuals can look after themselves, then the state stays out of their lives as much as possible and only intervenes in the case where individuals are not self-reliant.

The Liberal Awakening movement (sponsored by the JooMo Foundation) will recruit a mass membership of young people who will be encouraged to join the LibDems and drive forward policy change.

Leading the way in a global campaign for 21st century liberal reform, the LibDems will be transformed from a protest party to a progressive movement for change and ultimately a party of government.


Read the Liberal Awakening Manifesto at:


Yours Sincerely,

Nick Wallen & Linda Russell
Directors , JooMo Foundation


Download a PDF copy of the letter at:

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