Twins Paradox Blog: The “Migrant Crisis”

STOP mass Syrian Immigration into the EU
STOP mass Syrian Immigration into the EU … end the Immoral Destruction of Syria now

The recent heart-rending pictures of drowning and desperate migrants has led to a fully understandable compassionate reaction that “something must be done“.

Unfortunately, the history of policy-on-the-hoof initiatives driven by short term emotion is that in the long run they usually make things worse – especially when we are driven by a media that gets itself into a frenzy for a couple of weeks but soon gets bored and moves on to the next story.

The Syrian migrant crisis is a classic  case: the problem has been around for a long while, and will continue long after the media moves on to its Autumn agenda.

So, what are the long term implications of allowing mass Syrian migration into the EU? Is it in fact a policy that could actually exacerbate the destruction of Syria as a viable state?

Here’s a policy extract from the Liberal Awakening Manifesto…

  • Encouraging mass immigration of talented and skilled workers from developing or war-torn countries is immoral: it leaves these countries gutted of the very people that will help them re-build and recover.
  • Many of those risking their lives to reach Europe are from the best educated and richest segments of their societies.
  • These are also the people with the skills, ambition and languages to succeed abroad — which is why those at Calais include students, academics, engineers and entrepreneurs.
  • Providing dream lives for these migrants in Europe would empty countries like Syria of the very people it most needs.
  • Migrants from despotic regimes and war zones will be encouraged to stay in the local region ready to return to re-build their homelands: Europe will pour money into short-term housing, sanitation and support projects that allow refugees to have a safe and dignified temporary existence.
  • Big employers of foreign nationals like The National Health Service (NHS) should consider the morality of allowing poorer nations picking up the financial burden of training their employees.
  • The NHS is taking many of the best nurses and doctors away from developing nations that need these skilled workers so desperately.
  • We will focus on the long term causes- NOT the consequences – of mass migration.
  • Our policies on encouraging development aid, ending trade barriers (esp. the EU’s CAP), more globalisation and world democratisation will allow countries to both develop economically and keep their best skilled and talented citizens.


Read the complete Liberal Awakening Manifesto at:

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