Twins Paradox Blog: The more sure someone is, the less they know. Lessons I’ve learnt

After graduating from University, I sat down and looked back through all my experiences to see what I thought was the best lesson I’ve learnt.

Without a doubt, the biggest and most life changing lesson is: NO ONE knows what they are doing. Some pretend to know, some don’t pretend to know. And some pretend to be experts, but they only have 5% more knowledge. You are the person you have been waiting for.

A lot of life is spent weighing up decisions and having preconceptions about situations before having even done them. “Am I good enough?” “Everyone else looks like they know what they’re doing but I have no clue” “He/she looks so confident, strutting around like they own the place and making so much noise that they must know what they are doing” “I’m not ready to do that” “Why am I always the one worrying more than everyone else?” “I don’t want to embarrass myself by trying something I haven’t done before”

These are all thoughts that constantly invade and pervade our heads but the problem is, we think it’s singly ourselves who are having thesee thoughts. Everyone has them. But the people who succeed are the ones who put themselves into situations regardless. They put themselves in before they are “ready”. No matter how confident people look, always remember that no one knows what on earth they are doing! That frees you up a bit!

Oh, and beware of the expert. They don’t know what they’re doing atall. In fact, the more someone says something with absolute certainty, the more need there is to question them.

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