How to beat: Eczema!

Low skin microbiome biodiversity is linked with eczema – this was described in published research. The solution? Increase your skin microbiome biodiversity and give up everyday cosmetics containing synthetic chemicals which can lower biodiversity and disrupt the microbiome!

The article describes how there is a “strong association between worsening disease severity and lower skin bacterial diversity. AD flares are characterized by low bacterial diversity in the absence of recent treatment. In contrast, intermittent or active treatment is associated with higher bacterial diversity.” Biodiversity is simply the amount of different species of microbe present.

As I always say, all skin disorders have been linked with low skin microbiome biodiversity, and Eczema is no different!

So how do you go about solving your Eczema problems? Simply by increasing your skin microbiome biodiversity.

How do you do that? Firstly, stop using everyday cosmetics because they contain synthetic chemicals which disrupt your skin microbiome and lower its biodiversity. Then you need to use only 100% natural and preservative free products which will preserve and enhance your skin microbiome!

Kit Wallen Russell – 1/2 of the #JooMoTwins. We solve your skin problems by wading through all the latest cutting-edge research and cutting through the rubbish of the deceitful cosmetics industry!

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