How to beat: Rosacea!

Rosacea is a common long term skin problem which, like ALL other skin problems, has been linked to low skin microbiome biodiversity (dysbiosis) on the skin microbiome. Read the 2018 published research here! 

The particular study I mention uses twins, which is partly why I chose it! They sum up the most important conclusion by saying “Their results confirmed with earlier studies that showed there was less bacterial diversity when skin disease was present.

They also noticed that, with increased disease severity, came a proportionately lower skin microbiome biodiversity, and more severe ‘dysbiosis’. 

‘Microbial Dysbiosis’ is simply when the skin microbiome is damaged, out of balanced and has a decreased biodiversity. 

There is a recurring theme here, so much so that I sound like a record on repeat! This is one of an enormous nnumber of studies linking skin problems to low skin microbiome biodiversity. This backs up my 2017 discovery that skin microbiome biodiversity is the only indicator of skin health. 

Again, at risk of sounding like a record on repeat, you need to increase your skin microbiome’s biodiversity.

How do you do that? Firstly, stop using everyday cosmetics because they contain synthetic chemicals which disrupt your skin microbiome and lower its biodiversity. Then you need to use only 100% natural and preservative free products which are scientifically proven to preserve and enhance your skin microbiome, increasing its biodiversity!

Kit Wallen Russell – 1/2 of the #JooMoTwins. We solve your skin problems by wading through all the latest cutting-edge research and cutting through the rubbish of the deceitful cosmetics industry!

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