How to beat: Allergies

Exposing yourself to a diverse range of microbes in your environment, resulting in higher biodiversity on the skin, results in fewer allergies. This was the conclusion from published research

The study, published in 2017, was a review of the current understanding of the microbiome in allergic disease. It first says “Taken together, these clinical observations established a strong link between microbes and the development of allergic disease.

And then adds “Studies from Europe show that living in a farm “environment which is linked to exposure to a diverse microbial community is associated with a lower incidence of allergies.”

So the link between allergies and the body not containing a diverse range of microbes is again being made! This is yet another example of my 2017 discovery that biodiversity is the only indicator of skin health.

To help combat this, you should increase your skin’s microbial biodiversity.

How do you do that? Firstly, stop using everyday cosmetics because they contain synthetic chemicals which disrupt your skin microbiome and lower its biodiversity. Then you need to use only 100% natural and preservative free products which are scientifically proven to preserve and enhance your skin microbiome, increasing its biodiversity!

Kit Wallen Russell – 1/2 of the #JooMoTwins. We solve your skin problems by wading through all the latest cutting-edge research and cutting through the rubbish of the deceitful cosmetics industry!

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