4 Month Skin Recovery Programme

Introduction: Repairing your Microbiome

Medical University of Graz research has revealed, using state-of-the-art skin microbiome analysis, that JooMo® significantly increases skin health with just 2 weeks of use.

In contrast, every-day cosmetics, containing many chemicals, maintained a damaged skin environment.

It also revealed that, compared to every-day cosmetic products, JooMo® maintains moisture on the skin.

Biodiversity of the skin microbiome is the secret and only reliable measure of skin health, so Third Wave cosmetics like JooMo® are designed with the sole intention of increasing biodiversity.

4 Month Skin Recovery Programme

Phase I: Healthier Skin in 2 Weeks

Day 1-2:

  • If possible, stop using moisturisers, creams, cleansers, soap and medical products such as steroidal creams.
  • N.B: The above is important for the successful treatment of the skin conditions indicated. Harsh chemicals or drugs in these products damage the skin’s natural environment, leading to a breakdown of its defences.
  • You can of course use makeup whilst on the recovery plan, but just be aware that the results will be affected by the use of any synthetic chemicals as they disrupt the skin’s microbiome, dampening the effects of JooMo.
  • Wash either Once or Twice Daily with JooMo® (following instructions on the bottle or tube) first thing in the morning & last thing at night.

IMPORTANT: You will feel changes to your skin almost immediately. Do not panic! This feeling is a normal part of the re-adjustment process. (You may also be unused to how healthy skin should truly feel).

On very damaged skin, your skin may even feel a bit worse for the first few days as the skin starts the healing process. Unless you have a major reaction or are in pain, persist using JooMo® for at least 1 week. JooMo® is 100% natural & preservative free and will not harm your skin.

Day 3-7:

  • Start to use JooMo® Twice Daily (morning and evening as above).
  • A chronically damaged skin microbiome – that has been subjected to a lifetime of contact with chemicals in everyday cosmetic products – can take variable amounts of time adjust to a ‘normalised’ environment and to stabilise.
  • We recommend, therefore, that in the crucial first few days of using JooMo® for the first time, you do not exceed these usage guidelines.

Day 8-14:

  • Continue to use JooMo® at least Twice Daily (morning and evening as above), but not more than Four Times Daily at this stage.
  • By now your skin microbiome will be adjusting to the new environment, and will be starting to create a biodiverse ecosystem that is unique and natural to you.
  • Your skin should be feeling healthier, softer, less dry and more ‘alive‘ after just two weeks of using JooMo®.

4 Month Skin Recovery Programme

Phase II: Immune System Enhancement

Weeks 3 – 4:

  • Except in the cases of extremely damaged or diseased skin, two weeks is all your microbiome needs to adjust and feel comfortable in the new environment created by JooMo®.
  • However, it takes much longer for your microbiome to fully optimise itself in its complex relationship with your body’s immune system.
  • So, by continuing the treatment programme your microbiome will slowly work with your body to enhance your skin’s natural defences.
  • We would recommend, therefore, that you continue to use JooMo® up to Four Times Daily for the first month.
  • Keep paying attention to any improvements or changes in skin condition.

Months 2-4:

  • Your microbiome should now be starting to actively protect your skin, and working as a key part of your body’s system as a whole. These are the months when a more robust immune system and microbiome will start to really work hard at returning your skin to its true natural state. Your skin’s Biodiversity will be adjusting and continuing to increase.  
  • The biodiversity of your skin microbiome is unique to every individual, and depends on your genetic makeup and the environment you inhabit and there is no such thing as the perfect microbiome. The only thing that can be stated with certainty is that the more microbially diverse your microbiome then the healthier your skin.
  • You will probably be finding, therefore, that you only need to use JooMo® Twice Every Day to maintain a healthy and protective Skin barrier.
  • However, being 100% natural & preservative free means that multiple daily use of JooMo® will NOT harm your skin or its microbiome.
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