Skin Cancer
Sam Wallen Russell

Skin Cancer and the Microbiome

https://youtu.be/-prRuQWaB64 “Bacteria on our bodies may be protecting us from Skin Cancer” read the headline in the New Scientist. Research at the University of California,

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Sam Wallen Russell

How to beat: Dermatitis

A scientific study found that the skin microbiome biodiversity massively decreased for patients during AD flares. Read the 2012 published research here!  The study describes

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Sam Wallen Russell

Flashback: Top 10 Myths

Top 10 of the so-called ‘natural’ skin care industry. Intro Myth #1 Myth #2 Myth #3 Myth #4 Myth #5 Myth #6 Myth #7 Myth

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Twins Paradox Blog: The “Migrant Crisis”

The recent heart-rending pictures of drowning and desperate migrants has led to a fully understandable compassionate reaction that “something must be done“. Unfortunately, the history of

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Open Letter to LibDems

25th August 2015 FAO: Baroness Sarah Brinton (President) Liberal Democrats 8-10 Great George Street London. SW1P 3AE Dear Baroness Brinton, In the wake of the catastrophic

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Twins Paradox: What is sadder?

The amazing times in South Bend have come to and end and I’m back on small, unassuming British soil. There are too many memories to

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