Sam Wallen Russell

Flashback: Top 10 Myths

Top 10 of the so-called ‘natural’ skin care industry. Intro Myth #1 Myth #2 Myth #3 Myth #4 Myth #5 Myth #6 Myth #7 Myth

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Kit Wallen Russell

Is washing using only water good for our skin?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNtK7As02eI Washing your skin with just water doesn’t harm your skin microbiome and is far better than using everyday cosmetics, but unfortunately it is not

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Kit Wallen Russell

Is Washing ‘Too Much’ Bad For Our Skin?

https://youtu.be/zRRN45X0LCs It’s NOT washing regularly that’s the problem, it’s the synthetic chemicals that you’re putting on your skin when you wash… A very hot topic

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