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Now retired, Dr. Gavin Anwell, had a career as a Specialist Consultant for the National Health Service (NHS) which spanned over 50 years. In the late 1960s, he wrote the ground-breaking book Keep Fit and Healthy which first introduced the notion that medical health was more than just about treatment, and that lifestyle played as crucial a role in achieving good health and the ability to enjoy life to the full at any age. He also highlighted the crucial importance of the as yet little understood relationship between mind and body.

“A HEALTHY, FIT body housing a lively mind is not just a happy accident of Nature. It is everyone's birthright. Yet many people refuse to accept this truth”

“Challenge them with the biological and psychological facts of the miraculous perfection of the human being - and they try to refute the evidence with that old favourite excuse: 'but no one lives naturally any more' "

“(Chemical) potions are for use, under medical advise, when their is a defect in one's health. They are not short cut's to fitness or substitutes for healthy routines.”

Dr Gavin Anwell

Many of the ideas about health & fitness that we take for granted today can be traced back to this original book.

The book Keep Fit & Healthy by Dr. Gavin Anwell is still available 2nd hand from Amazon at: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0000CO4GC/

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