Eczema & Atopic Dermatitis (AD)

Restoring the skin health of Eczema & AD sufferers

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Eczema & AD

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The JooMo Twins
The JooMo Twins
Sam & Kit

USA Only
Recovery Plan
for Eczema/AD

Prices start from
$ 59
50 USD (+ p&p)
  • Face & Body Recovery Pack
  • 4-Month Skin Recovery Program
  • Monthly Specialist Support (recommended)
Recovery Plan

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Recovery Plan
for Eczema/AD

Prices start from
£ 42
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  • Face & Body Recovery Pack
  • 4-Month Skin Recovery Program
  • Monthly Specialist Support (recommended)
Recovery Plan

Recovery Plan
for Eczema/AD

Prices start from
$ 62
50 USD (+p&p)
  • Face & Body Recovery Pack
  • 4-Month Skin Recovery Program
  • Monthly Specialist Support (recommended)
Recovery Plan
The plan that is changing the lives of Eczema sufferers around the world, from our Mum (Linda), to Mason and everyone we guide through daily.
The JooMo Twins
The JooMo Twins
Sam & Kit

Eczema & AD

Mason’s Story of Recovery from Eczema & AD.

"...he can now do normal baby stuff because he isn't itchy all the time! Like playing with his big brothers and learning to eat!"

“…he can now do normal baby stuff because he isn’t itchy all the time! Like playing with his big brothers and learning to eat!”

“There were times I really was sad because the improvements were so small sometimes.”

“So glad you always took the time to reassure me. Super happy with his skin now.”

I use JooMo to restore their skin after swimming in a pool full of chemicals and it works a treat! No more cortisone

“My 3 kids swim 3 times per week, two of the 3 have eczema, all 3 have autoimmune conditions, sensitive skin, anaphylaxis and red hair! JooMo is perfect for the job 😀

I use JooMo to restore their skin after swimming in a pool full of chemicals and it works a treat! No more cortisone”

My little girl has struggled her whole life with eczema and we’re thrilled to say that JooMo body wash has made a huge difference to her skin, no more itching, bleeding, cortisone and covering up! 🙌 💕

And because she can tolerate the pool, her swimming is improving her asthma no end!

Isn’t this wonderful? 💕 😊

Our son started school this year full of excitement, but once he started wearing his school issued POLYESTER uniform his eczema flared up aggressively leaving him, miserable and reluctant to go to school! 🎆 Enter JooMo body wash and his skin has been transformed along with his mood and his interest in school! 🎆

I have been using your products for a couple of weeks now and the result is so far a true miracle! I have been suffering from “atopic dermatitis” all my life (I’m 50 years old). For about 9 years ago I stopped using topical steroids and went through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). I also stopped using ALL chemical products. For a few years I only washed my hair and skin with rhassoul clay. After that my skin was perfect for a few years but about one year ago I started getting eczema again. I am a holistic therapist and I work with massage and herbs but my skin problems kept escalating until I could no longer do the massage. Since I’m trained in holistic health, I knew I had some kind of imbalance. So I started working with my intestinal flora, addressed possible food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies, tried a candida diet, changed the Aleppo soap I had been using sparingly back to clay, and so on. Nothing made any difference. Then I stumbled on JooMo and it caught my interest. It made total sense to me since I’m familiar with the importance of biodiversity and I LOVED the fact that it was 100% natural. I was still skeptical though but I decided I’d give it a try – and it worked, just like you had described! Thank you so much! <3 🙂

I’ve read everything your homepage about how YooMo works. But I’m still wondering WHY some people’s skin seems to be more sensitive than others. It can’t just be the chemical products people are using. Some people use all kinds of harsh products and never have any problems. Others, like me, are very cautious and still get eczema. It must be something else in the body that’s imbalanced, making it hard for the body to reestablish or keep the right balance in the skin flora. Do you have any explanation or at least a theory? Another question I have, is: have you had any feedback from people going through topical steroid withdrawal and trying YooMo? TSW is such a devastating phenomena and NOTHING (but time) seems to help at all. I would love to be able to spread the knowledge about something that really makes a difference for these poor suffering people, but first I need to be sure it works… They have often tried everything under the sun, also natural protocols, and I don’t want to give any false hope.

Hi just to say I love your products. I have been using the face and body wash the last few weeks and really feel a difference. I had been using antibacterial products thinking I was suffering from some sort of bacteria /infection but it was making things worse. Then I came across your product and watched your videos on Facebook. It all makes sense. My skin is so damaged from 50 Years of topical steroids so I’m not expecting magic but my skin is no longer painful and the redness is reducing. A fantastic product ❤️

11th November when I started using your products. All of your information makes sense and has turned upside down a lot of what I thought helped. I’m trying to just use JooMo as you said, and my skin is feeling so happy! Thankyou for your continued help, I’m very grateful!

I’m a month in and it’s so exciting. Such an amazing product! I’m so glad that I mentioned you on my post celebrating 1 year of TSW. I’ve bought some for my daughter. I think it’s such a great product.

I love watching your videos, I like how you make things easy to understand. Keep up the good work!

My consultant still insists steroid creams and thick hydromol are the best treatments for eczema. And lots of people on Facebook Rave about the Dr. Aron Regime. They all need to find JooMo 🙂 go back to basics.

I wasn’t sure about washing my hair with JooMo but it works! So glad I tried. No longer get a red face and sore eyes after I shower either.

I’m feeling so much better in myself now my skin is much more stable. When my skin is happy, I am! I can’t imagine going back to using any other products now 🙂

It’s been nearly 2 months using only JooMo and I have NEVER gone so long without flaring and my skin is feeling and looking better and better. It’s never flared since starting JooMo. Even tolerating high intensity cycling 🙂

I’m still in shock at my progress. I’m so glad I came across you product. Thankyou 🙂

I have taken a photo of my face every day since April. It’s never flared since I started Joomo only tiny patches on my nose . Even that has calmed down the last few weeks:)
A fantastic 8 weeks to be fair my skin hasn’t been this good for many years. People are really noticing. I’m so much happier too. Even with topical steroids my skin wasn’t this good.
I am planning holidays I haven’t been able to plan I have just been trying to get through a day at a time. So glad I came across your products:)
Thank you.I do feel so positive on the right track. My skin is so damaged so thin and fragile from long term steroid use but I realise overall I am doing fantastic using just JooMo. Thanks for the positive message 🙂
My flare lasted 2 days! They used to last months and months . Thanks to Joomo!! I have been wondering about sun tan lotion . Do you recommend any that work for you or your family? I’m frightened of putting anything on my skin now it’s doing so well. Thankyou.
I was hesitant to use the Joomo because it didn’t lather so felt it wasn’t clean and my hair felt different. But once dried it looks great!
So so good much better than I ever dreamed . I am just so gutted you didn’t make this product 55 years ago 😂 My skin is dry but it doesn’t feel painful it is almost like white fine dust ! I will take that any day over the burning red skin I had before Joomo 😍
3 .5 months . I thought it would be so hard to stick to Joomo and no other products but once I started seeing healing it was easy 🙂

I’m in my 2nd month of tsw && have used topical steroids on && off since I was 5. I’m 24 years old. The last 2 years I’ve had babies back to back and with the hormones and stress levels I noticed the steroid was no longer working effectively. Normally I could use the steroid cream for 3 days on a small patch and it would clear, during my last 2 pregnancies that was not the case. I started getting rashes in other places && they would not clear or some would and would be back in 3 days max. So me going through tsw was inevitable for me, I was going to go through it reguardless. After figuring out through research about tsw for s**** && giggles I stopped using the steroid cream && sure enough what happened to everyone I watched on YouTube went through happened to me!

Just used your products for the 1st time && the itch attack I normally have after every shower I didn’t have! Thank you so much! What an amazing person you && your brother are!

“Lukes skin cleared up amazingly after about 2 weeks of using JooMo alongside the GAPs diet that we have started following!


Unfortunately I re introduced eggs into his diet and he has had a big flare up again so He won’t be eating those again for a while!! Feel like we are now back to where we started but at least I know that JooMo works wonderfully and we just have to stick it out a few weeks again for his skin to heal once more! 

I have been recommending you to everyone I meet who suffers with Eczema and as a beauty therapist this is quite a regular thing I come across!! 

So thank you for your ongoing research and development of such a wonderful product!

3 Days into the Recovery Plan: “Still a bit red but nowhere near as red as it was, all part of the healing. Also have noticed my arms are still a little red but the swelling has gone down tremendously. Thank you so much for helping me understand how it works thoroughly. It is a lovely product, I’m looking forward to the next 4 months!”

1 month in: “I’ve been doing well actually and have noticed that my flares have significantly lessened or if I do have one, it’s not as intense. I can see that I’m not as red as I have been.
Thanks so much for all you guys are doing!”

1 month, 1 week in: “Guys just check out my skin. I’ve had an amazing turn around in the last few weeks and the only thing I’ve done differently is use JooMo! I’ve been using it once or twice a day. My skin is no where near as red and there are non dry spots starting to appear.”


3 days in: My knees are also much better. Arms and hands dry but I think I’m seeing a little improvement. Although it’s been the area I struggled the most with so I’m expecting it’ll take a bit longer x

Also doesnt sting as much either. Now looking forward to using it!! X 

Yes Absolutely! I’m not giving up but I’m just amazed that I’m 3 days in and already feeling the difference!

8 days in: I haven’t been this dry in a long time but by now I think my skin is starting to get clearer and softer. Also-less red and I can see bits of my actual skin on my wrists. The biggest win though is less itch! Normally I would start itching in the evening about 6pm. Now I go easily without it until 9-10pm and even when I itch, my skin feels really strong and the itch attack doesn’t last as long. Also – no idea whether it’s related but I’m sleeping much better too! 

3 weeks in: Not using any moisturiser now, can you believe it? I think the first 3 weeks were hard because of the dryness but so worth it. Here’s to more improvement in the upcoming weeks 🙌🏻 

1 month in: I have been using JooMo for a month now and I’m still loving it! My rashes, redness are slowly getting smaller, I have amazingly soft patches on my body that I haven’t felt for ages. Itching has extremely reduced. I am no longer moisturising. The initial three weeks were hard because of the dryness but… so worth it!!!!! 

6 weeks in: Healing and clearing up niccceeelllyyy!! I’m so amazed that I can finally see a vein!

5 Days in: How amazing is this? 5 days of using JooMo and I’m beyond grateful.

I’m on a bit of a downhill but it will get better, I have full trust in your products.

My fears were unfounded – I figured I need to soak a bit while using the products so my skin is softer. I am having no problem using the products. Even after just 1-2 uses I can feel how different my skin is. I know it’s not really visible yet (the redness is less though!) but the feeling is already a huge win. I’m excited to see how long term usage will change my skin for the better! Thank you JooMo!

6 days in: I recognise myself more and more in the mirror and it makes me so happy! My face is dry and itchy but it’s not red and burning any more. My neck is irritated again but it is not so much an itch, more like nerve pain. The arms have been doing better and my palms have calmed down as predicted. All in all, some positives and some negatives but still progress!

28 days in: I’ve been flaring all night long, my face, ears, neck, chest, all oozing with throbbing nerve pain. Sleeping was impossible so I was watching movies all night to take my mind off the itch and pain. Finally I tried to take a bath with JooMo. Of course at first it was burning but as soon as I dried myself off I had instant relief. Thank you JooMo for giving me the chance to sleep finally!

I think I’m nearly 2 months in now… I’ve been loving it though! Haven’t been using on my face yet because I wanted to see how my hands/arms and neck would respond – they’re my most troubled areas even 2 years on from stopping steroids. 

First few days/week was rough because I thought it was just making it worse, but I decided to keep going and I’m glad I did! I’m still quite dry but I don’t itch anymore and I feel like my body isn’t flaring after foods? The redness is definitely going down and to be honest I’m just grateful to be saving money from not having to use any moisturiser! Feels good to have a break from all the stuff I would put on every day! Defo feel like it’s helping slowly but surely 🙂 think I’ve still got a way to go but feeling positive!

My skin is so much better than it was during my crisis point a couple years ago but it still gives me so much grief so It’s amazing to finally feel some relief! Defo feel like it’s going to be for the long haul too 🙏 I like the science behind it because it just makes sense to me.

I’m also 25 weeks pregnant and I was flaring a lot at the beginning of my pregnancy and I really believe joomoo has allowed me not to suffer with my skin so much with all the crazy hormones! Not sure how I would of been without it! Feel much more under control 🙂

Most Frequently Asked Questions answered by The JooMo Twins

After multiple undiagnosed skin problems, our Mum’s skin worsened the more cosmetics she used, and finally was destroyed by steroids (ref. Linda’s Story). We realised we had to take things into our own hands. This is the reason we’ve researched the skin microbiome for the last 10 years and as a result of a huge pan-european research project involving multiple top EU research institutions, our family invented JooMo, the world’s first ever 100% natural face wash, which solved our Mum’s problems. 

There has been a 500% increase in Skin Allergies in the last 100 years and this includes Eczema as the largest problem. All common skin problems have been linked to a low diversity of Skin Microbiome.

JooMo has been proven to rebuild your Skin Microbiome, and our Skin Microbiome Enhancing Technology (Microbiota Immune Response Regulation (MIRR)™) works to to empower, NOT change, the skin’s natural environment.

Based on State-of-the-art Microbiological & Immunological research, MIRR™ technology is the secret behind all JooMo® products and their ability to protect against the destructive work of harmful synthetic chemicals and opportunistic pathogenic (‘harmful’) microbes.

Research at some of the top European Universities led to the first version of this Skin Microbiome Technology, while groundbreaking trials at the Medical University of Graz, have enabled JooMo to further enhance their world leading Skin Microbiome friendly technology, and led to the Enhanced Skin Microbiome Plus+ technology.

Read Mason’s story here!

(Note: this is a very  brief summary from several medical sources, but primarily: https://www.verywellhealth.com/steroids-topical-steroid-side-effects-1068831 )

Modern medical products are rightly considered wonder drugs for acute medical emergencies. However, while topical steroids have enormous short term benefits for acute skin problems, there are many well documented side effect, the most common being:

  1. Skin Atrophy: Repeated use of topical steroids in the same area can cause the thinning of the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and changes in the connective tissue of the dermis (middle layer of skin).
  2. Alteration of Infection: Because topical steroids change the way the immune system work, they can inhibit the skin’s ability to fight off bacterial and fungal infections.
  3. Topical Steroid Allergy: People who have a chronic skin condition and use multiple prescriptions are at higher risk of developing these allergies.
  4. Tachyphylaxis: the rapid decrease in response to a topical steroid due to repeated use.
  5. Steroid Rosacea: Often, any attempt to use a lower-strength steroid (or to cut back or stop altogether) can result in intense facial redness and the formation of fluid-filled bumps.
  6. Glaucoma: The process is not completely understood, but it is believed that steroids leech into the eye itself.

All common skin problems have been linked to a catastrophic decline in the biodiversity of the skin’s natural environment, causing dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance or maladaptation) and immune function distortion.

JooMo are world leaders in Third Wave microbiome enhancing products, based around their ground-breaking Skin Microbiome Technology (MIRR)™ Technology.

Please read more about how this technolgy works at: https://joomo.coop/school/solving-the-skin-allergy-epidemic/#Third-Wave-Technology

It is a misconception that the skin microbiome has no effect on overall health. Our central mantra is that the body as whole is a complex ecosystem, and this underpins all our world leading research and development.

One of the main reasons JooMo are different from all the rest is that we understand how non-linear physics underpins the health of ecosystems everywhere: it takes a deep knowledge of non-linear physics to understand how damage to one small part of a system could have a disproportionately large effect on another part.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of microbiologists and medical researchers do not have a deep grounding in mathematics and physics, and so fail to grasp this crucial fact. This is why they predominantly focus on effects rather than causes. For instance, researchers in these fields tend to focus on the presence of one particular species of pathogenic microbe or a hormonal imbalance as being the cause of ill-health, rather than what they usually are: the effect of an imbalance elsewhere.

Using this example, their solution would be to kill the pathogenic microbes or give hormone treatment, when in fact these imbalances were the EFFECT of an underlying root cause of the problem elsewhere. Dealing with the effect means only a temporary solution, which is why many chronic skin problems come back time and again after treatment.

By cell count we are more microbe than we are human (57% to 43% recent estimates say). These microbes are VITAL for our health and there are hundreds of papers on how this ecosystem affects whole body health. Our body is a thriving ecosystem of millions of constituent parts, working symbiotically and regulating each other. Having spent years studying complex systems across nature and other systems of governance, it is vital to understand that nothing is done in isolation. It therefore is a misunderstanding that the skin microbiome is an expanse of skin which doesn’t have any effect on other bodily systems and functions. If everything works in isolation, then a change of diet wouldn’t affect the skin. Neither would most food allergies originate on the skin microbiome, nor would hormones affect our skin health.

To help understand this, it’s helpful to read the example  of Yellowstone Park in America used in my 2017 published paper. When the Wolves were re-introduced to the park, the biodiversity was hugely increased, and the health of the ecosystem was restored to unprecedented levels. Rivers changes direction, animal populations increased, heights of berry-producing shrubs grew larger, underground habitats and soil chemistry changed and the physical topography of the landscape was altered.

There is much research on how our gut microbiome can affect health elsewhere in the system (eg. skin, aging, mental health, etc), but as a dramatic example of the way in which a damaged skin microbiome can have severe knock on effects to other parts of the system, a recent paper shows how many food allergies (inc. peanut allergies) are probably actually caused by sensitisation due to exposure via a damaged skin microbiome. Please watch one of  our recent videos that references this:

There is a huge amount of information at our Skin Microbiome School that explains the science behind JooMo that you should read. Here are a few pages that you may want to start with:

Understanding the Microbiome:

Why Biodiversity is the secret to health:

Skin diseases linked to low Biodiversity

You may also be interested to understand how JooMo was created, and the world class research labs. involved in its creation:

And an overview of some of our ground-breaking peer-reviewed published research:

And the importance we put on the need for a whole system solution for health is illustrated by the fact that we offer consultancy on gut microbiome too. The key to JooMo is that we offer services not just products.

This page (https://joomo.coop/school/skin-allergy-epidemic/mirr/) to start you off should help in understanding how the immune system and microbiome are linked.

No. Your skin microbiome has been horrifically abused and damaged for a long while. Leaving it alone will be better than using drugs or other modern cosmetics containing harsh synthetic chemicals, however, your skin microbiome needs something which will strengthen it up to healthy levels, so it can defend itself from infections and disease and start to heal itself. We work with many TSW patients who tried just ‘leaving it alone’ and they found that their skin would still flare for no apparent reason.

So, why would this happen? Please remember that you were prescribed Topical Steroids in the first place for a reason. Your immune system and microbiome were compromised in some way, and this underlying problem will probably still exist.

You, need, therefore to both repair the damage caused by the long term use of steroids, but also deal with the underlying problem that started you on this dependency.

It is possible that eventually the body may heal itself alone, but the evidence is that this is uncommon or extremely prolonged.

Award Winning JooMo® is an innovation led business, and is a huge pan-European research & development success story. 

Using the latest state-of-the-art developments, our products have been created and designed at some of Europe’s top Universities & Research Laboratories, including: University of Leeds, University of Surrey and Medical University of Graz. Read more here. 

We started JooMo is to help heal our mother who was prescribed steroids which destroyed her already bad skin. We had to take matters into our own hands and after years of research into the skin microbiome, skincare industry and cosmetic formulations, our family realised we needed to invent the world’s first 100% Natural Face Wash to solve the skin allergy epidemic in the western world. We now want to help thousands of people failed by the medical profession and deceived by the cosmetics industry, just like our mother. 

Antibiotics are wonders of the modern world in extreme cases, but they have an indiscriminate approach to getting rid of microbes – i.e they deplete the microbiome of microbial biodiversity it needs to be healthy. In non-severe cases this un-balances and upsets the microbiome inside and out, leaving you actually more prone to infections in the future. Staphylococcus infections are common secondary infections in TSW patients, but round after round of antibiotics just makes the underlying problems worse (damaged microbiome, low in biodiversity). 

The best way to get rid of infections is to strengthen the microbiome by increasing its biodiversity. A healthy balanced microbiome, high in biodiversity, can defend itself from infection and disease. 

This concept is explained in our 2017 paper (read it here), by using the example of Yellowstone Park. The skin is an ecosystem like any other. When the wolves died out in the park, its health rapidly deteriorated, leaving the ecosystem very damaged and the elk started behaving in a ‘pathogenic’ or ‘damaging’ manner. This can be related to an infection by ‘pathogenic’ microbes on the skin – the damaged ecosystem goes into ‘dysbiosis’ and ‘pathogenic’ organisms take a foothold. When the wolves were re-introduced, the elk stopped behaving in a ‘pathogenic’ manner towards the ecosystem, and thus the ‘infection’ was stopped. 

Now imagine that the equivalent of antibiotics was used on the park. Lots of animals would have been killed, including Elk, but the delicate balance of the ecosystem would still be upset, probably even more so than before. Another ‘infection’ of Elk or another opportunistic organism would happen very soon.

Don’t accept the Topical Steroids. The Medical Profession and drugs companies know that TS are not to be used in non-extreme and long-term cases, it’s even written on the back of drugs packaging.

If you haven’t used them before, and even more so if you have, they will not solve chronic skin problems. Long-term use causes damage to the body and totally destroys the microbiome, leading to years and years of misery. Skin problems suddenly ‘re-appear’ a lot worse once stopping using them.

No. Antibiotics will only make it more likely that you will get an infection in the future, because it kills all microbes and lowers the biodiversity of the microbiome, damaging it even more. The root cause of the infection was a damaged and out of balance microbiome. The solution is to strengthen it by increasing its biodiversity. A healthy microbiome, high in biodiversity, can defend itself from infections and disease. Antibiotics strip the microbiome of the microbes it needs to be healthy. 

All skin diseases/problems stem from the same thing: a damaged microbiome, low in microbial biodiversity (low number of different types of bacteria present). When this microbiome is out of balance, in ‘dysbiosis’, microbes that were previously ‘good’ can become ‘bad’ and start causing problems (including staph/fungal infections), colonising and ‘infecting’ the skin. So killing off these microbes (what Gladskin does) doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem, which is the biodiversity of the whole microbiome has been lowered. The infection may be cured for now, but the microbiome will still be out of balance and open to future infections. This is why so many TSW people get secondary infections after taking antibiotics for previous infections etc. A healthy microbiome, high in biodiversity, can defend itself against these infections, not letting colonisation of microbes occur. They are incredibly powerful systems. JooMo has been scientifically proven in published research to significantly increase the skin microbiome biodiversity in just 2 weeks.

(Note: This was a genuine query from a customer!)

No! We have definitely NOT added any steroids or any other synthetic chemical to ANY of our products.

One of the two central pillars of how JooMo enhances the skin microbiome is the concept of First, do no harm (Primum non nocere ).

By definition, therefore, all Third Wave products MUST be 100% natural and preservative free .

(Please read more about our ‘Third Wave’ Skin Microbiome Technology.)

Really glad that you like thousands of others are amazed by our results!

Because of our success, this is not the first time that we have been asked this question, and you can read more in our FAQs:

Firstly, to be quite clear, the Saponins that we use in all our products are all non-steroidal.

However, there is a lot of confusion about the term ‘steroids’, and it should be noted that ‘steroids’ are found across nature, and is merely a general name for a group of bioactive chemical compounds in a specific molecular configuration. Each steroid has a very specific function for the particular organism (plant, animal, fungi etc.).

Corticosteroids are just one specific class of steroid hormones that are produced in the adrenal glands of humans, with synthetic versions being used in topical skin creams. Other types of steroids (eg. anabolic steroids, sex hormones etc.) are used for entirely different functions, and will have completely different effect on the human body.

And it would only be fair to say that although JooMo do not use any plant steroids in our products, the use of certain groups of plant steroids as a safe alternative to synthetic corticosteroids should not be totally ruled out in the future – studies have pointed to the fact that they could have many of the benefits with none of the side effects.

However, our whole philosophy at JooMo is different in that we are all about dealing with the underlying problems, not just the symptoms. Our skin microbiome (MIRR) technology – of which our saponins are an important component – gets the immune system to look after itself.


No! You should definitely continue using JooMo. The dryness you are experiencing is normal, a positive sign that your skin is changing and rebalancing for long term health.

No, you have been using topical steroids for a long, long time which have destroyed the Skin Microbiome. JooMo is proven to rebuild your skin microbiome for the long term and so your recovery plan is so important to be committed to!

This depends on the person. JooMo has been proven to significantly improve skin microbiome diversity in just two weeks, but as your microbiome has been abused and damaged so badly, it may take longer. For example one customer who had been on steroids for 50 years, has seen 80% improvement in 2 weeks!

No. This is the worst thing you can do – steroids give the illusion they are helping your problems, but underneath they are destroying the microbiome, leaving it open to even more infection and disease.

Using other products while JooMo is being used can affect the process of rebuilding your skin microbiome. Everyday cosmetics, even “natural” labelled ones contain a sea of synthetic chemicals that can damage the skin microbiome. JooMo works to rebuild the skin microbiome long term so it can take care of itself.

Moisturising has two effects on the skin microbiome. Firstly most moisturisers can contain a sea of synthetic chemicals that can damage the skin microbiome. Secondly, your skin in its most healthy state regulates its own natural oils. Moisturisers, which artificially add ‘moisture’ and oils to the skin, give the impression the skin is more ‘moisturised’ but actually make the skin dryer by stopping its natural ability to regulate its own moisture. This is damaging for the skin microbiome, and it is why a lot of people feel ‘dryness’ because they are used to smothering their skin daily.

Our 4-Month plan does say not to use other cosmetics and moisturisers as these can stop the microbiome restoring effect of JooMo. They are normally full of synthetic chemicals which strip the skin of the bacteria and oils it needs to be healthy, damaging the microbiome

The concept of “moisturising” is one devised by the industry too to cover up the damage their other products caused. Moisturising the skin smearing artificial oils all over it means that the skin loses its own ability to be able to regulate its own moisture , leaving it drier and more damaged

A healthy microbiome, high in biodiversity, can regulate its own moisture.

So people who we have guided through our Skin Recovery Plan have enhanced their microbiome substantially see their skin start to be able to ‘moisturise’ itself.

We say these as a guideline, as many people buy into the industry trick that they need to moisturise. I’d suggest giving it a go without moisturising (many other people have been in your position, and haven’t believed they could do it without moisture, but once we were firm with them, they realised they didn’t truly ‘need’ it). 

We have many TSW patients who see very good improvements in our 4-Month Skin Recovery Plan, and who ask the same question: ‘I have a healthy microbiome, high in biodiversity, that can start to defend and heal itself from infections and skin disease, so I no longer need JooMo?

The most important point to note is that the reason you were initially prescribed Topical Steroids was because of an underlying problem with the microbiome and immune system, so even after dealing with the damaging effects of TSW, there is still that initial problem to address.

Also, even once the 4-Month Plan has ended, there will be things in our modern environment which deplete the biodiversity of the skin microbiome and damage it (exposure to pollution; indoor, sterile living environments free of microbes from nature for our bodies to be exposed to; exposure to chemicals in our everyday life such as cleaning products etc; and modern everyday cosmetics). This means that the skin microbiome will still need to be boosted and enhanced to fight off attack from these factors, which is why our patients still us a ‘Maintenence Pack’ for this purpose, just to keep their microbiome strengthened.

For both reasons, this is why you MUST keep using JooMo


We've written a specialist 4-month SKin Recovery Program for you.

Being on our Recovery Plan means that you can use this world-leading program for free.
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The JooMo Twins
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