Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW)

Restoring the skin health of TSW sufferers

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The plan that is changing the lives of Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) sufferers, from our Mum (Linda), to Sheila and everyone we guide through daily.
The JooMo Twins
The JooMo Twins
Sam & Kit


VIDEO: Sheila’s Story of Recovery from Topical Steroid Withdrawal.

VIDEO: Linda’s Story of how her desperate search for a skin cure led to the development of JooMo


Within the first 2 weeks I noticed an immediate difference in my skin. It was different from any other product I’d tried. The burning, itching, tightness and cracking almost completely disappeared within the first two weeks.

I realised that this was a long term solution and I had to keep using it to rebuild my microbiome. I trusted the process as it was my last hope and I understood what they were saying. Now, after nearly 3 months of JooMo use, the transformation of my skin is nothing short of miraculous!

I said this to them when I met them: “I want you to know how thankful I am that I have my life back and I want that for others too! We have all been disappointed so many times so of course people are skeptical. I think I’m on this for life! I’ve been so fortunate to meet with you guys and experience skin health.”

Just finished completed my 4 Month plan! On September 13th 2019, I started using JooMo Face and Body Wash. I remember thinking this was my last hope. I felt like I had literally tried everything and maybe I would always be in a constant state of frustration due to the itch, cracks, swelling, smell, tightness etc. of my skin. At this point it was just my lower arms and hands. I believed in the research and the science of diversity of the skin microbiome for long term skin health. The company states it could take up to 4 months for this to take place. I remember thinking it’s soo long. Well, here I am exactly 4 months later and this product has been my miracle.

Like many of you, I prayed for an answer and I believe that seeing the news story about JooMo was my answer. I’m also thankful that many people are taking the same chance that I did when I made that decision to give it a try and hope there will be many more. I’m celebrating 4 months of JooMo Today!! Thank you so much for all your support from your team!”

Read Sheila’s full story here!

He just really hates the way he looks 😞 although I said even yesterday because it was such a dramatic change and i do reaaly mean that – (I am straight up and honest ) that his face looked so much calmer, none of the usual red angry look. I do mean it he is really chirpy today, even allowed me to comment on how good he looks and thanked me and said he felt it too, said he was looking forward to using it again tonight.

SOOOOO glad I found you really. I just wish I hadnt forgotten I’d written you down in my book months ago. Anyway all coming good now. And yes reg washing twice etc yes that makes sense, slowly adjust of course 🙂

I was super stressed and you have been superb 🙂 So we are on day 2 of using the face product. Day one was super dooper dry and to be expected and today well…Gentlemen, we have a tremendous breakthrough – can you hear my shouts of total joy… Seriously impressed 🙂 It is very dry still but in a different way and he is looking forward to using it again tonight to get that bit of relief – cant explain that very well but we are or rather he is on the way. He is going to start the body wash tonight, he has used it for his hair and loves it. Seriously how can I thank you!

I have been using your products for a couple of weeks now and the result is so far a true miracle! I have been suffering from “atopic dermatitis” all my life (I’m 50 years old). For about 9 years ago I stopped using topical steroids and went through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). I also stopped using ALL chemical products. For a few years I only washed my hair and skin with rhassoul clay. After that my skin was perfect for a few years but about one year ago I started getting eczema again. I am a holistic therapist and I work with massage and herbs but my skin problems kept escalating until I could no longer do the massage. Since I’m trained in holistic health, I knew I had some kind of imbalance. So I started working with my intestinal flora, addressed possible food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies, tried a candida diet, changed the Aleppo soap I had been using sparingly back to clay, and so on. Nothing made any difference. Then I stumbled on JooMo and it caught my interest. It made total sense to me since I’m familiar with the importance of biodiversity and I LOVED the fact that it was 100% natural. I was still skeptical though but I decided I’d give it a try – and it worked, just like you had described! Thank you so much! <3 🙂

I’ve read everything your homepage about how YooMo works. But I’m still wondering WHY some people’s skin seems to be more sensitive than others. It can’t just be the chemical products people are using. Some people use all kinds of harsh products and never have any problems. Others, like me, are very cautious and still get eczema. It must be something else in the body that’s imbalanced, making it hard for the body to reestablish or keep the right balance in the skin flora. Do you have any explanation or at least a theory? Another question I have, is: have you had any feedback from people going through topical steroid withdrawal and trying YooMo? TSW is such a devastating phenomena and NOTHING (but time) seems to help at all. I would love to be able to spread the knowledge about something that really makes a difference for these poor suffering people, but first I need to be sure it works… They have often tried everything under the sun, also natural protocols, and I don’t want to give any false hope.

Hi just to say I love your products. I have been using the face and body wash the last few weeks and really feel a difference. I had been using antibacterial products thinking I was suffering from some sort of bacteria /infection but it was making things worse. Then I came across your product and watched your videos on Facebook. It all makes sense. My skin is so damaged from 50 Years of topical steroids so I’m not expecting magic but my skin is no longer painful and the redness is reducing. A fantastic product ❤️

11th November when I started using your products. All of your information makes sense and has turned upside down a lot of what I thought helped. I’m trying to just use JooMo as you said, and my skin is feeling so happy! Thankyou for your continued help, I’m very grateful!

I’m a month in and it’s so exciting. Such an amazing product! I’m so glad that I mentioned you on my post celebrating 1 year of TSW. I’ve bought some for my daughter. I think it’s such a great product.

I love watching your videos, I like how you make things easy to understand. Keep up the good work!

My consultant still insists steroid creams and thick hydromol are the best treatments for eczema. And lots of people on Facebook Rave about the Dr. Aron Regime. They all need to find JooMo 🙂 go back to basics.

I wasn’t sure about washing my hair with JooMo but it works! So glad I tried. No longer get a red face and sore eyes after I shower either.

I’m feeling so much better in myself now my skin is much more stable. When my skin is happy, I am! I can’t imagine going back to using any other products now 🙂

It’s been nearly 2 months using only JooMo and I have NEVER gone so long without flaring and my skin is feeling and looking better and better. It’s never flared since starting JooMo. Even tolerating high intensity cycling 🙂

I’m still in shock at my progress. I’m so glad I came across you product. Thankyou 🙂

I always had severe eczema and got stronger steroids averytime I visited the doctor. When I was 12 years old I got on one of the heaviest steroids. They worked, as long as I lept using them. And I used A LOT. When Inwas pregnant with my third child, I stopped using them cold turkey. My baby died when I was 14 weeks pregnant but I didn’t know she died until 20 weeks. I believe It was because my body was in shock after quitting the steroids. Now Im 3 years steroid free and STILL have skin flares. So I will NEVER use them on my baby<br><br>Jan 2nd 2020: We started the plan december 31st! We do see improvements already! The big scabs are gone. We noticed that he is less itchy and sleeps better at night. We hope to see more improvements the coming weeks But less itchy is already such a big win for him! <br><br>Jan 8th 2020: He has his hands in an anti scratch suit. Normally, when we unzipp his suit, his hands would go to scratch himself. Now he can play without his suit on! <br><br>Jan 13th 2020: He looks a lot better!

I’m in my 2nd month of tsw && have used topical steroids on && off since I was 5. I’m 24 years old. The last 2 years I’ve had babies back to back and with the hormones and stress levels I noticed the steroid was no longer working effectively. Normally I could use the steroid cream for 3 days on a small patch and it would clear, during my last 2 pregnancies that was not the case. I started getting rashes in other places && they would not clear or some would and would be back in 3 days max. So me going through tsw was inevitable for me, I was going to go through it reguardless. After figuring out through research about tsw for s**** && giggles I stopped using the steroid cream && sure enough what happened to everyone I watched on YouTube went through happened to me!

Just used your products for the 1st time && the itch attack I normally have after every shower I didn’t have! Thank you so much! What an amazing person you && your brother are!

“Lukes skin cleared up amazingly after about 2 weeks of using JooMo alongside the GAPs diet that we have started following!


Unfortunately I re introduced eggs into his diet and he has had a big flare up again so He won’t be eating those again for a while!! Feel like we are now back to where we started but at least I know that JooMo works wonderfully and we just have to stick it out a few weeks again for his skin to heal once more! 

I have been recommending you to everyone I meet who suffers with Eczema and as a beauty therapist this is quite a regular thing I come across!! 

So thank you for your ongoing research and development of such a wonderful product!

TSW Skin Recovery Package


Most Frequently Asked Questions answered by The JooMo Twins

The reason we started JooMo was to solve this problem. Our mother (ref. Linda’s Story) was prescribed steroids long term and her skin was destroyed by them. We had to take her healing into our own hands and so created the world’s first 100% natural face wash and her skin has been clear since. We’ve researched the skin microbiome for the last 10 years and JooMo has been proven to rebuild your Skin Microbiome. Read Sheila’s story here!

(Note: this is a very  brief summary from several medical sources, but primarily: https://www.verywellhealth.com/steroids-topical-steroid-side-effects-1068831 )

Modern medical products are rightly considered wonder drugs for acute medical emergencies. However, while topical steroids have enormous short term benefits for acute skin problems, there are many well documented side effect, the most common being:

  1. Skin Atrophy: Repeated use of topical steroids in the same area can cause the thinning of the epidermis (outer layer of skin) and changes in the connective tissue of the dermis (middle layer of skin).
  2. Alteration of Infection: Because topical steroids change the way the immune system work, they can inhibit the skin’s ability to fight off bacterial and fungal infections.
  3. Topical Steroid Allergy: People who have a chronic skin condition and use multiple prescriptions are at higher risk of developing these allergies.
  4. Tachyphylaxis: the rapid decrease in response to a topical steroid due to repeated use.
  5. Steroid Rosacea: Often, any attempt to use a lower-strength steroid (or to cut back or stop altogether) can result in intense facial redness and the formation of fluid-filled bumps.
  6. Glaucoma: The process is not completely understood, but it is believed that steroids leech into the eye itself.

TSW symptoms can manifest themselves in a multitude of ways, ranging from severe allergies (eczema etc.) to bacterial and fungal infections.

All of these conditions have been linked to a catastrophic decline in the biodiversity of the skin’s natural environment, causing dysbiosis (a microbial imbalance or maladaptation) and immune function distortion.

JooMo are world leaders in Third Wave microbiome enhancing products, based around their ground-breaking Skin Microbiome Technology (MIRR)™ Technology.

Please read more about how this technolgy works at: https://joomo.coop/school/solving-the-skin-allergy-epidemic/#Third-Wave-Technology

It is a misconception that the skin microbiome has no effect on overall health. Our central mantra is that the body as whole is a complex ecosystem, and this underpins all our world leading research and development.

One of the main reasons JooMo are different from all the rest is that we understand how non-linear physics underpins the health of ecosystems everywhere: it takes a deep knowledge of non-linear physics to understand how damage to one small part of a system could have a disproportionately large effect on another part.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of microbiologists and medical researchers do not have a deep grounding in mathematics and physics, and so fail to grasp this crucial fact. This is why they predominantly focus on effects rather than causes. For instance, researchers in these fields tend to focus on the presence of one particular species of pathogenic microbe or a hormonal imbalance as being the cause of ill-health, rather than what they usually are: the effect of an imbalance elsewhere.

Using this example, their solution would be to kill the pathogenic microbes or give hormone treatment, when in fact these imbalances were the EFFECT of an underlying root cause of the problem elsewhere. Dealing with the effect means only a temporary solution, which is why many chronic skin problems come back time and again after treatment.

By cell count we are more microbe than we are human (57% to 43% recent estimates say). These microbes are VITAL for our health and there are hundreds of papers on how this ecosystem affects whole body health. Our body is a thriving ecosystem of millions of constituent parts, working symbiotically and regulating each other. Having spent years studying complex systems across nature and other systems of governance, it is vital to understand that nothing is done in isolation. It therefore is a misunderstanding that the skin microbiome is an expanse of skin which doesn’t have any effect on other bodily systems and functions. If everything works in isolation, then a change of diet wouldn’t affect the skin. Neither would most food allergies originate on the skin microbiome, nor would hormones affect our skin health.

To help understand this, it’s helpful to read the example  of Yellowstone Park in America used in my 2017 published paper. When the Wolves were re-introduced to the park, the biodiversity was hugely increased, and the health of the ecosystem was restored to unprecedented levels. Rivers changes direction, animal populations increased, heights of berry-producing shrubs grew larger, underground habitats and soil chemistry changed and the physical topography of the landscape was altered.

There is much research on how our gut microbiome can affect health elsewhere in the system (eg. skin, aging, mental health, etc), but as a dramatic example of the way in which a damaged skin microbiome can have severe knock on effects to other parts of the system, a recent paper shows how many food allergies (inc. peanut allergies) are probably actually caused by sensitisation due to exposure via a damaged skin microbiome. Please watch one of  our recent videos that references this:

There is a huge amount of information at our Skin Microbiome School that explains the science behind JooMo that you should read. Here are a few pages that you may want to start with:

Understanding the Microbiome:

Why Biodiversity is the secret to health:

Skin diseases linked to low Biodiversity

You may also be interested to understand how JooMo was created, and the world class research labs. involved in its creation:

And an overview of some of our ground-breaking peer-reviewed published research:

And the importance we put on the need for a whole system solution for health is illustrated by the fact that we offer consultancy on gut microbiome too. The key to JooMo is that we offer services not just products.

This page (https://joomo.coop/school/skin-allergy-epidemic/mirr/) to start you off should help in understanding how the immune system and microbiome are linked.

No. Your skin microbiome has been horrifically abused and damaged for a long while. Leaving it alone will be better than using drugs or other modern cosmetics containing harsh synthetic chemicals, however, your skin microbiome needs something which will strengthen it up to healthy levels, so it can defend itself from infections and disease and start to heal itself. We work with many TSW patients who tried just ‘leaving it alone’ and they found that their skin would still flare for no apparent reason.

So, why would this happen? Please remember that you were prescribed Topical Steroids in the first place for a reason. Your immune system and microbiome were compromised in some way, and this underlying problem will probably still exist.

You, need, therefore to both repair the damage caused by the long term use of steroids, but also deal with the underlying problem that started you on this dependency.

It is possible that eventually the body may heal itself alone, but the evidence is that this is uncommon or extremely prolonged.

Award Winning JooMo® is an innovation led business, and is a huge pan-European research & development success story. 

Using the latest state-of-the-art developments, our products have been created and designed at some of Europe’s top Universities & Research Laboratories, including: University of Leeds, University of Surrey and Medical University of Graz. Read more here. 

We started JooMo is to help heal our mother who was prescribed steroids which destroyed her already bad skin. We had to take matters into our own hands and after years of research into the skin microbiome, skincare industry and cosmetic formulations, our family realised we needed to invent the world’s first 100% Natural Face Wash to solve the skin allergy epidemic in the western world. We now want to help thousands of people failed by the medical profession and deceived by the cosmetics industry, just like our mother. 

Antibiotics are wonders of the modern world in extreme cases, but they have an indiscriminate approach to getting rid of microbes – i.e they deplete the microbiome of microbial biodiversity it needs to be healthy. In non-severe cases this un-balances and upsets the microbiome inside and out, leaving you actually more prone to infections in the future. Staphylococcus infections are common secondary infections in TSW patients, but round after round of antibiotics just makes the underlying problems worse (damaged microbiome, low in biodiversity). 

The best way to get rid of infections is to strengthen the microbiome by increasing its biodiversity. A healthy balanced microbiome, high in biodiversity, can defend itself from infection and disease. 

This concept is explained in our 2017 paper (read it here), by using the example of Yellowstone Park. The skin is an ecosystem like any other. When the wolves died out in the park, its health rapidly deteriorated, leaving the ecosystem very damaged and the elk started behaving in a ‘pathogenic’ or ‘damaging’ manner. This can be related to an infection by ‘pathogenic’ microbes on the skin – the damaged ecosystem goes into ‘dysbiosis’ and ‘pathogenic’ organisms take a foothold. When the wolves were re-introduced, the elk stopped behaving in a ‘pathogenic’ manner towards the ecosystem, and thus the ‘infection’ was stopped. 

Now imagine that the equivalent of antibiotics was used on the park. Lots of animals would have been killed, including Elk, but the delicate balance of the ecosystem would still be upset, probably even more so than before. Another ‘infection’ of Elk or another opportunistic organism would happen very soon.

Don’t accept the Topical Steroids. The Medical Profession and drugs companies know that TS are not to be used in non-extreme and long-term cases, it’s even written on the back of drugs packaging.

If you haven’t used them before, and even more so if you have, they will not solve chronic skin problems. Long-term use causes damage to the body and totally destroys the microbiome, leading to years and years of misery. Skin problems suddenly ‘re-appear’ a lot worse once stopping using them.

No. Antibiotics will only make it more likely that you will get an infection in the future, because it kills all microbes and lowers the biodiversity of the microbiome, damaging it even more. The root cause of the infection was a damaged and out of balance microbiome. The solution is to strengthen it by increasing its biodiversity. A healthy microbiome, high in biodiversity, can defend itself from infections and disease. Antibiotics strip the microbiome of the microbes it needs to be healthy. 

All skin diseases/problems stem from the same thing: a damaged microbiome, low in microbial biodiversity (low number of different types of bacteria present). When this microbiome is out of balance, in ‘dysbiosis’, microbes that were previously ‘good’ can become ‘bad’ and start causing problems (including staph/fungal infections), colonising and ‘infecting’ the skin. So killing off these microbes (what Gladskin does) doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem, which is the biodiversity of the whole microbiome has been lowered. The infection may be cured for now, but the microbiome will still be out of balance and open to future infections. This is why so many TSW people get secondary infections after taking antibiotics for previous infections etc. A healthy microbiome, high in biodiversity, can defend itself against these infections, not letting colonisation of microbes occur. They are incredibly powerful systems. JooMo has been scientifically proven in published research to significantly increase the skin microbiome biodiversity in just 2 weeks.

(Note: This was a genuine query from a customer!)

No! We have definitely NOT added any steroids or any other synthetic chemical to ANY of our products.

One of the two central pillars of how JooMo enhances the skin microbiome is the concept of First, do no harm (Primum non nocere ).

By definition, therefore, all Third Wave products MUST be 100% natural and preservative free .

(Please read more about our ‘Third Wave’ Skin Microbiome Technology.)

No! You should definitely continue using JooMo. The dryness you are experiencing is normal, a positive sign that your skin is changing and rebalancing for long term health.

No, you have been using topical steroids for a long, long time which have destroyed the Skin Microbiome. JooMo is proven to rebuild your skin microbiome for the long term and so your recovery plan is so important to be committed to!

This depends on the person. JooMo has been proven to significantly improve skin microbiome diversity in just two weeks, but as your microbiome has been abused and damaged so badly, it may take longer. For example one customer who had been on steroids for 50 years, has seen 80% improvement in 2 weeks!

No. This is the worst thing you can do – steroids give the illusion they are helping your problems, but underneath they are destroying the microbiome, leaving it open to even more infection and disease.

Using other products while JooMo is being used can affect the process of rebuilding your skin microbiome. Everyday cosmetics, even “natural” labelled ones contain a sea of synthetic chemicals that can damage the skin microbiome. JooMo works to rebuild the skin microbiome long term so it can take care of itself.

Moisturising has two effects on the skin microbiome. Firstly most moisturisers can contain a sea of synthetic chemicals that can damage the skin microbiome. Secondly, your skin in its most healthy state creates natural oils. Adding new oils to this disrupts the skin’s normal system, meaning the microbiome is damaged. 

4 Month Skin Recovery Program

Introduction Pt.1: Repairing your Microbiome

The over-use of topical steroids, known by Doctors and pharmaceutical companies alike to be used only in acute or severe short-term cases, causes a large amount of damage to the body and microbiome. Once patients stop using these steroids, their skin goes into Topical Steroid Withdrawal, where the skin problems the TS were originally prescribed to cure, held in a dormant state by the steroids, can come back much worse. 

"How will your Recovery Plans help TSW?"

All skin problems have been linked to the same underlying factor: a damaged skin microbiome, low in biodiversity. It’s crucial to understand that the skin microbiome does not work in isolation, and is linked very closely to the immune system. The human body is a system of many parts, all interacting and regulating each other in symbiosis, so as much as long-term steroid use has deeply damaging effects on the whole body, the same underlying root cause still applies with TSW. 

A healthy, balanced microbiome, high in biodiversity can defend itself from infections and disease, and perform processes such as regulating its own moisture. By enhancing your microbiome and increasing its biodiversity, you are giving it the best chance of recovery. You are also allowing a malfunctioning immune system to be strengthened.

"How does long term use of Topical Steroids damage the skin?"

Medical University of Graz research has revealed, using state-of-the-art skin microbiome analysis, that JooMo® significantly increases skin health with just 2 weeks of use.

In contrast, every-day cosmetics, containing many chemicals, maintained a damaged skin environment.

It also revealed that, compared to every-day cosmetic products, JooMo® maintains moisture on the skin.

Biodiversity of the skin microbiome is the secret and only reliable measure of skin health, so Third Wave cosmetics like JooMo® are designed with the sole intention of increasing biodiversity.

"TSW is a systemic problem that goes deeper than the skin, so how does JooMo help in whole body healing?"
Skin Microbiome School | Course completion
Plan Completion 25%

Introduction Pt2: Crucial Points to Note

Before starting the plan, and embarking on your recovery process, there are some very important points to take into account. The concepts may be different to what you’ve been told by Doctors and the Cosmetics Industry, or the prevailing beliefs in our society.

  • Some TSW patients we work with experience some slight awkwardness/dryness/soreness within the first few days of using JooMo. This can be from a number of things, as the microbiome has been subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of steroids and possibly other cosmetics. This is a sign that the microbiome is trying to strengthen for the first time in a long while.

  • One explanation for the dry period experienced by some TSW patients, is that previous use of moisturisers stops the skin’s ability to regulate its own moisture, actually making the skin dryer and dependent on their artificial source of ‘moisture’. The skin needs to regain its ability to regulate its own moisture.

"How will your Recovery Plans help TSW?"
  • ‘Moisturising’ as a concept was invented by the cosmetics industry to cover up the oil- and bacteria-stripping damage inflicted on the skin by their other products. Consumers then are tricked into buying more products which further damage the microbiome, from the same companies which caused damage in the first place.
  • A healthy skin microbiome, high in biodiversity can regulate its own moisture. Once we push TSW patients through this phase and they realise it was part of the healing process, they realise that a few days of awkward skin it was a small price to pay for TSW symptoms dissappearing after years of hell at the hands of steroids. It can take around 2 weeks for this phase to clear. 
  • Some TSW patients find application of JooMo slightly awkward because their skin has become so sensitive and damaged and their immune system is malfunctioning so much that it over reacts to anything being put on the skin, even water. In this case, it’s imperative to remember it is a long term plan, and if needs be, introduce JooMo to the body gradually so it gets used to it. 
Skin Microbiome School | Course completion
Plan Completion 50%

Phase I: Healthier Skin in 2 Weeks

Day 1-2:
  • First, where possible, stop using all other cosmetics such as moisturisers, creams, cleansers and soap. The use of drugs or medical products such as antibiotics, immune suppressants or antifungal creams should also be stopped. Antibiotics take an indiscriminate approach to getting rid of microbes, and therefore damage the microbiome even more, lowering its biodiversity. This means even though the ‘infections’ may temporarily seem to have been solved (staphylocoocos is a very common secondary one for TSW sufferers), it leaves the skin much more vulnerable to future infections. Re-building and re-balancing the skin microbiome and enhancing the skin’s biodiversity provides the best solution to an infection, as a healthy microbiome can heal itself.
  • N.B: The above is important for the successful treatment of the skin conditions indicated. Harsh chemicals or drugs in these products damage the skin’s natural environment, leading to a breakdown of its defences.
  • You can of course use makeup or other cosmetics whilst on the recovery plan, but just be aware that the results will be affected by the use of any synthetic chemicals as they disrupt the skin’s microbiome, dampening the effects of JooMo. The use of drugs such as the above will also affect healing and results. 
"How will your Recovery Plans help TSW?"
Day 3-7:
  • Start to use JooMo® Twice Daily (morning and evening as above).
  • A chronically damaged skin microbiome – that has been subjected to a lifetime of contact with chemicals in everyday cosmetic products – can take variable amounts of time adjust to a ‘normalised’ environment and to stabilise.
  • We recommend, therefore, that in the crucial first few days of using JooMo® for the first time, you do not exceed these usage guidelines.
Day 8-14:
  • Continue to use JooMo® at least Twice Daily (morning and evening as above), but not more than Four Times Daily at this stage.
  • By now your skin microbiome will be adjusting to the new environment, and will be starting to create a biodiverse ecosystem that is unique and natural to you.
  • Your skin should be feeling healthier, softer, less dry and more ‘alive‘ after just two weeks of using JooMo®.
Skin Microbiome School | Course completion
Plan Completion 75%

Phase II: Immune System Enhancement

Weeks 3-4:
  • As long-term Topical Steroid use can leave your skin and body extremely damaged, it may take under two weeks or longer for your microbiome to adjust and feel totally comfortable in the new environment created by using JooMo®. This will depend on the person and many factors including your history of steroid/drug/cosmetic use, genetics, lifestyle (including diet and job). 
  • However, it takes much longer for your microbiome to fully optimise itself in its complex relationship with your body’s immune system.
  • So, by continuing the treatment programme your microbiome will slowly work with your body to enhance your skin’s natural defences.
  • We would recommend, therefore, that you continue to use JooMo® up to Four Times Daily for the first month.
  • Keep paying attention to any improvements or changes in skin condition, but remember it is a long-term healing process, and sight small day-to-day changes are insignificant compared to the overall trend. The most horrible symptoms of TSW are a deep burning or itching beneath the skin which leads to disrupted sleep and poor mental health; red, inflamed skin; oozing sores which turn to scabs; puffy skin around joints; flakey skin; and sporadic ‘flares’. Once these start to abate, as the microbiome strengthens, this is what you should keep note of.
"How will your Recovery Plans help TSW?"
Months 2-4:
  • Your microbiome should now be starting to actively protect your skin, and working as a key part of your body’s system as a whole. These are the months when a more robust immune system and microbiome will start to really work hard at returning your skin to its true natural state. Your skin’s Biodiversity will be adjusting and continuing to increase.
  • The biodiversity of your skin microbiome is unique to every individual, and depends on your genetic makeup and the environment you inhabit and there is no such thing as the perfect microbiome. The only thing that can be stated with certainty is that the more microbially diverse your microbiome then the healthier your skin.
  • You will probably be finding, therefore, that you only need to use JooMo® Twice Every Day to maintain a healthy and protective Skin barrier.
  • However, being 100% natural & preservative free means that multiple daily use of JooMo® will NOT harm your skin or its microbiome.
Skin Microbiome School | Course completion
Plan Completion 100%

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