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After 10 days of use, my skin has nearly cleared up entirely!! All thanks to this product – JooMo ❤

“3 months in – still going strong 💙this has honestly changed my life! Dramatic I know, but it’s miserable waking up being disgusted and in pain because of spots on a daily basis!”

Ashlee Wilson

Repeat customer, March 2016

I use JooMo to restore their skin after swimming in a pool full of chemicals and it works a treat! No more cortisone

“My 3 kids swim 3 times per week, two of the 3 have eczema, all 3 have autoimmune conditions, sensitive skin, anaphylaxis and red hair! JooMo is perfect for the job 😀

I use JooMo to restore their skin after swimming in a pool full of chemicals and it works a treat! No more cortisone”

Lesley, Mum of 3 kids who swim!

JooMo Australia Customer

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JooMo Australia 3

An unknown side effect of this face wash is being more confident in your own skin & looking like yourself again.
I am OBSESSED with the face wash, this company and their mission.

“our skin will be dry for a bit. Becuase my previous routine consisted of a drying & oil-zapping cleanser & then a revitalizing moisturizer, my skin was used to being replenished with a high quantity of moisturizer on the daily. And now I was giving it nothing. It was dry and a bit flaky for about a week or two, but now (just over a month in) my skin is smooth and hydrated.
Stick to it and DO NOT put other product on your face for the first two weeks.”

Rebecca, customer and writer of "The Taste Times"

November 2018

I am champing at the bit to be able to spread this incredible good news message to the whole country.

“Intention, integrity and authenticity are my guiding lights in life and for me Joomo and its purpose, origins, background and family involvement I am drawn to like a bright beacon. I am continuing to read all I can find (and then some!) to further educate myself and continue to learn. In my excitment of your wonderful and amazing product I couldn’t help but reach out to let you know. ( I have no doubt you have heard many times over!)”

“Yes I was sceptical at first at yet another “Natural” claim and what it could do, but the proof is is in the doing and then seeing! I gave it to my 13 year old niece with terribly inflamed acne which was beginning to scar, and when I saw her 7 days later the difference was enormous……massively reduced inflammation of the whiteheads and cystic lumps with smoother softer skin and she looked happier and was wearing no makeup ( as she had been doing to hide the acne).”

“I am 45 and have an acne/oil free skin but a skin that has shows the prolonged effects of stress and trauma,……..dry with wrinkles. I used it for a couple of days and loved the smell but didn’t see much difference. I gave it another go a few weeks later and continued on and within 7 days my skin had a happy glow and felt super smooth, hydrated, soft, and looked less wrinkled! I have been recieving comments of how healthy and glowing I look!”

“So thank you for your passion and commitment to making this product and for the healthier skins that will be emerging as a result of your dedication“

Jemimah Richards

Skin Health Practitioner, November 2017

I’ve been using this for about 5 weeks now and I haven’t had a spot for aaaaaaages!!

“I was told to use JooMo in isolation which meant not using moisturiser with it which I was a bit nervous about as I have dry skin. It definitely dried out my skin in the beginning stages but after a while it has become less dry and hopefully in the future the dryness will improve even more.”

“Really really pleased with the results of this as I’ve been going out foundation and concealer-less most days! Plus it has a gorgeous smell and feel and I just love knowing that it’s 100% natural. Would recommend!”


Repeat customer, February 2017

"I love your girl's face wash... it's changed my life :D"

Abigail D


“I absolutely LOVE your product. It’s been the only product to completely clear up my skin.”

Amelia Carrozzi

Long time repeat customer, January 2018

"Many many thanks for creating a truly wonderful product that actually works!"

“Just had to drop you a line to let you how utterly delighted I am with JooMo face wash. I bought this for my 13 year old daughter, Grace, and she is so so over the moon with her skin now. What a transformation for her. Not just with her skin but her confidence is much better now too as shes not so self conscience of her skin. So I just had to let you know!”

Tracey Curry


"My skin is clearer & looks healthier than it has in a long time. I’m honestly amazed by this product!"

“I have been using topical medications on my skin for over seven years and I was quite nervous to give up my skin care routine. But I have now been using only JooMo face wash for about three weeks and my skin is clearer & looks healthier than it has in a long time. I’m honestly amazed by this product!”

Rebjped (user)

Customer Review on JooMo.coop, 2019

"...made a noticeable difference to the appearance of her skin. It’s less irritated and red looking."

This is a high quality product which is gentle on my daughter’s skin. She is taking antibiotics and using a rather harsh cream on her face for acne, and this product is ideal for washing the face in between. I highly recommend it. Although she doesn’t use it exactly as per the directions, it has still made a noticeable difference to the appearance of her skin. It’s less irritated and red looking. “

Kerry Parsons

January 2016

“I noticed my spots and dry patches clearing up and getting less red within a week and a half of daily use."

“I have very sensitive skin which usually starts to burn and itch when I put anything on it. JooMo was very easy on my skin and left it feeling clean and soft.”

I noticed my spots and dry patches clearing up and getting less red within a week and a half of daily use. I would definitely recommend this product”.


County Westmeath

"It’s honestly the best stuff I’ve tried!"

“I used to be very spot prone – I’m not any more!

“Since using this my spot prone skin has been very clear and healthy looking! It lasts for ages too!!”

Katheryn Corderoy

Personal Trainer, October 2017

“Excellent product, I bought it for my teenage daughter and she loves it, her skin has never looked as clear, highly recommended, super fast delivery too! “

Beverley Checkley

August 2015

"Very goood, I love it!!"

“I’m Korean(south) and always buy on the joomo homepage(paypal). I’m not very good at English, but I want to share some good points. joomo face wash is really goood for me:)”

“My skin is very sensitive, sensitive and acne. if i use other face wash, skin gets sore and red. i mainly use for morning cleansing. Very goooood. i love it!! joomo should not be discontinued. good for my skin redness. I have been using it for several years. i’m just sad that the shipping cost is expensive but i love joomo face wash.”

“I want to write more but I’m not good at English… I’m using translator now”

Long term repeat Customer

October 2017

"Can’t do without it"

“It arrived on time which was good as I had run out of my old one and really needed it. Can’t do without it as it really helps my teenage boys and myself!”

Ramya Chandashekar

Amazon repeat customer, December 2014

“Five Stars”

“I had that sort of skin where you always have at least 2 nasty spots, but since using this, they’ve gone right down, I only get spots when I haven’t used it for a day or two, it balances my oily/dry patches, and it smells lush! Would recommend to anyone with spot-prone skin – you see the difference in a matter of days and its quick and easy to use.”

“Five Stars”.

Gabrielle P

Long term repeat customer, January 2016

"My skin is back to feeling smooth fresh and young again!"

“Just received another face wash for girls having ran out and my skin is back to feeling smooth fresh and young again!Packaging with stickers and smiley faces made me feel like I was receiving a present and it certainly was. Well done JooMo.”

“Use JooMo face wash as a makeup remover. Brilliant. Simply massage facewash lightly onto skin taking care around eye area and then using a damp sponge wipe away makup. Finally splash face with lukewarm water. Leaves your skin soft and clean. I wouldn’t be without my JooMo facewash. A little goes a long way too.


Amazon repeat customer, July 2017

“Since then, I have used it for years.”

“I have to choose the facewash carefully because my skin is so sensitive.”

“A few years ago, when I used joomo by chance, I loved it because it was so good and didn’t make any trouble to my skin. Since then, I have used it for years.”

“I am going to keep using it. so Please provide quality products continually.! thank you.”

Heo Sooim

(South Korea), June 2016

“I bought the face wash for my son which is brilliant on his highly sensitive skin. Do you do, or will you do a body wash? Thanks”


Jan 2015



Megan - JooMo Natural Face Wash CustomerMegan K, College Swimmer & Coach at ‘Irish Aquatics’

“Noticed a huge difference in skin this Christmas than last. Less blotchy, even skin tones and softer with no dry red spots and more alive feeling and more defence.”

“I’m begging you to make a shampoo as there is nothing like your guyses stuff anywhere! I feel it’s so much more fresh now and I don’t need to wear as much make up!!”

“All my friends have said to me they are amazed at how good my skin looks! They want to have skin just like mine.”

“Ever since I started using JooMo my skin feels soft and rejuvenated.”

“I love the fact I’m not putting preservatives and chemicals on my face and I can feel good about that (Not to mention it smells good and I know the ingredients are good for me).”

“I’ve dealt with Keratosis pilaris for most of my teen years and I’ve noticed fewer bumps and redness. After washing, my skin doesn’t feel dry and tight like other washes do; my skin is left moisturized with an even complexion!”


Maddy - JooMo Natural Face Wash CustomerMaddy G, Saint Mary’s College First Team Tennis Player

“I love knowing that everything in my face wash is all natural, it leaves me feeling confident in my skin. JooMo’s ingredients give it a fresh smell and its texture feels like honey on my face, which is something I’ve never experienced with any other face wash!”


Amazon Customer, Aug 2014

“Great facewash, clearing my face of random spots and leaves it unstripped of its natural oils”.


Lisa Boudewijns, May 2014

“I have just bought another tub of your fab face wash. My daughter has all but ran out and we are going away at the weekend. Please could you post asap as we don’t want to be without”.


Amazon Customer, March 2014

“It does exactly what it says and is all natural so u can avoid putting crap on ur skin whilst getting rid of spots effectively, it also made my skin super smooth.”

“I will definitely be purchasing this again, it arrived on time and I know I will not find anything better than this product. Would deffo recommend to anyone who is looking for a natural but effective way to get rid of spots”.


Gabrielle P., January 2016

“I had that sort of skin where you always have at least 2 nasty spots, but since using this, they’ve gone right down, I only get spots when I haven’t used it for a day or two, it balances my oily/dry patches, and it smells lush! Would recommend to anyone with spot-prone skin – you see the difference in a matter of days and it’s quick and easy to use.”


Christine Vollar, 2017

“Just to let you know I have received my JooMo and just wanted to say thank you for being so understanding. My skin is particularly sensitive and this product is so gentle which is why I love it. I always recommend this product and will be even more keen to recommend it after this experience


Emilis, Amazon Customer, 9th June 2017

“Great natural product. I have tried a lot of different facial cleansers in the past, from expensive to less expensive, and this is truly the best I have tried. I believe the naturality of the product is really essential for this. Customer service is also superb. I ordered 2 from their own website, and when I recieved the package, one of them had opened and leaked. I wrote an email to them explaining the matter, and they instantly offered me to reship to new ones! I can definitely recommend this to everyone battling with skin issues, just give the product time to work its magic.”


Ilse, July 2016

“A super good face wash! I’m very happy, after using for a month you have a lot less impurities. The fragrance smells like honey, deliciously fresh!”


Gudrun, June 2016

“I’m really happy with this face wash! I’ve been using it for a month now and my skin looks much better!”


Mandy, September 2015

“…wow, it works super good! I finally got rid of my skin problems!


KewlE, Amazon September 2016

“Have only been using it for a week and my skin feels soft.”


Mrs. J. G. Bell, Amazon January 2017

“Arrived early, great product as always.”


Amazon Customer, October 2016

“Good cleansing with oil control.”


Kyle B

“I usually only use water on my face as most products seemed to leave my face irritated, but joomo seemed to leave it soft, smooth and spot free! The girls love it!! Packaging is also awesome.”


Hannah B

“I dont normally use a facewash but I will use this one again!”


Serdar V

“That the ingredients are all natural gave me extra confidence in using this product.”

“The How-to-use instructions can provide some information on how much the product should be kept on the skin before rinsing, depending on skin type.”

“The product had a cooling effect on my skin, which was great. I especially liked the intense cinnamon scent.”


Zac B, University of Surrey

“I’m onto my third bottle already!”


Ellen K P, Queen Mary’s University

“I used the orangey face wash (normally use Boots Skin Clear Ultra Deep Pore Facial Treatment Scrub) and totally loved it. It smells and feels expensive (although I normally use much ‘firmer’ textured products so it took some getting used to!) and makes you feel refreshed even though the ‘fragrance’ is quite heavy.

“I also really loved that it doesn’t have any weird ingredients that make it lather up, they make skin loads worse and aren’t necessary.”

“I will definitely recommend this to my friends, I noticed a change in my skin after only a couple of days! I love that it’s totally natural. It’s similar to body shop products but you get a lot more for a lot less.”


Andy C, UCL

“Really liked it! Felt more natural than other products I have previously used and actually worked. I loved the smell”


Flo T

“I have very sensitive skin, very prone to spots, and it didnt flare my skin up at all, and left my face feeling moisturised.”


Charlotte B, UCL

“I normally use a face wash for spot prone/blackhead prone skin but I found this almost as effective as using such products (however, I normally use face wash less regularly than twice daily).”


Stefano B, Goldsmith’s College

“Currently I am using a L’oreal facewash and it’s very effective but leaves my skin quite dry. The Joomo facewash is something I would use again as it didn’t leave my face feeling dry.”


Bessie K, UCL

“I did notice an improvement in my skin during the short trial- it felt softer and less greasy in the typically “problem” areas (the T-zone- forehead, nose and chin).”


Rose S

“After two days of using JooMo…I was very impressed and would definitely use this product again.”


David S

“The honey and orange scent is quite nice, although perhaps a little strong? Still, the smell lingers on the skin nicely and makes it feel like the wash is doing something … good product and innovation all round.”


Nathen Fitchen, our roving JooMo ambassador

“I became a licensed JooMo Distributor because I thought a lot of my friends would like this product as well, and it seemed like a fun way to make some money! I like the fact that I have a share in the company.”


Tsvet T

“I loved the texture!”

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