You are only 40% Human

You are only 40% human - the rest of you, the 60%, is microbes.

Your body is home to about 100 trillion bacteria and other microbes that live on the skin, mouth, eyes, and gut.

The human microbiome (or human microbiota) is the collection of microorganisms which live on us.

Beneficial Microbes

The vast majority of microbes on your skin are beneficial.

They directly protect humans from pathogenic invaders and help the immune system to maintain and regulate that delicate balance required for effective protection.

Biodiversity is essential

The skin is the largest organ and is host to the most diverse range of microbes in the human body.

Recent research has shown how everyday cosmetic products may decrease the skin's biodiversity.

"I'd recommend this to anyone wishing they had perfect skin!"

What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is the number of different species found in a particular habitat.

From the plains of Yellowstone Park right down to a millimetre of the human skin, an increased biodiversity means a more healthy ecosystem.

Biodiversity: the secret to healthy skin

High Biodiversity is the ONLY measure of skin health.

Unsurprisingly, research has failed to find any conclusive evidence linking the presence or abundance of one particular microbial species to skin disease or health.

JooMo increases your biodiversity

JooMo increases your skin's natural biodiversity, by bringing the skin back to its natural environment.

JooMo is the polar opposite of probiotic solutions! Probiotics on the skin have little to no science and could have dangerous long term health implications.

World Leading Published Research
"within 7 days my skin had a happy glow and felt super smooth, hydrated, soft, and looked less wrinkled!"

JooMo significantly
increases biodiversity

Our study found that JooMo's products significantly increase microbial diversity in just two weeks.

JooMo retains moisture on the skin

This state-of-the-art skin microbiome study also reveals that JooMo maintains moisture on the skin compared to the other products.

Study on
effect of cosmetics

The Medical University of Graz recently completed an initial study on the effect of selected cosmetic products, including JooMo, on the skin microbiome.

Healthy Skin in 2 Weeks
"I feel so good knowing what I'm putting on my skin!"

ALL Ingredients directly from nature

NO Additives · NO Foam Boosters (eg. SLS, SLES) · NO Soaps or Detergents · NO artificial Perfumes · NO artificial Colourings · NO Alcohol

ALL of our ingredients are taken directly from nature using normal mechanical extraction or natural solvents.

NO artificial Preservatives

JooMo® products have NO harsh, potentially dangerous artificial Preservatives (eg. parabens, sorbates, benzoates etc). No artificial Preservatives:

no parabens
no sorbates
no benzoates
no formaldahyde
no isothiazolinones (eg.MI)

Why is 100% natural crucial?

Artificial chemicals in everyday cosmetics have been shown to be a major contributor to problem skin.

Latest JooMo research has shown how high street cosmetics appear to maintain the depleted developed world skin microbiome.

100% Natural & Preservative Free

Suitable for all Skin Types

Sensitive · Oily · Rough · Flaky-Dry · Normal · Combination · Sore · Shaving Rash · Cuts

Also suitable for people prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, spots.

All Skin Colours.

Gives glowing, smooth & silky skin

Protects the skin by avoiding the damage caused by artificial chemicals found in normal cosmetics, and enhancing the skin microbiome.

JooMo is for EVERYONE!
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