JooMo is for everyone

Gives you glowing, clear, healthy skin

Skin Microbiome Biodiversity is the secret to perfect skin!

You want answers.

"How do I get glowing Skin"
"How can I give myself flawless skin?"
"What is perfect skin?"
"How do I get rid of spots?"
"What do I need to do to get rid of acne?"

JooMo increases your Skin Microbiome's Biodiversity

Developed for Skin Problems

Diseases linked with low Skin Biodiversity:

Acne | Eczema | Dermatitis | Rosacea | Psoriasis | Allergies | Inflammation | Sunburn | Anti-Aging | Wound-Healing | Athlete's Foot | Ringworm | Diabetic Lesions | Skin Cancer | Leishmaniasis | Blepharitis & Conjunctivitis

Suitable for all Skin Types

Sensitive, Oily and Blemish-prone, Rough, Flaky-Dry, Combination, Normal, Sore, Shaving Rash & Cuts, and all Skin Colours.


Restores and preserves the skin's natural biodiversity Repairs the damage caused by soap and other synthetic chemicals such as foamers, detergents, preservatives (inc. parabens), perfumes, solvents etc.

Makes the skin...

Healthy, Hydrated, Glowing, Smooth, Silky.

Not just safer but better!

Safety Guarantee

Our products have simple ingredients which are all guaranteed safe and natural.

They are chosen for their gentle, synergistic and therapeutic effects on all skin including problem skin.

Say NO to Moisturisers

You never need to moisturise when using JooMo products. (In fact, using moisturisers on natural skin will actually have a detrimental effect).

Why? Because the soaps and foaming agents found in normal skin care products strip the skin of its natural oils and minerals and alter the skin pH – this is why moisturisers need to be applied after they are used.

Free the Natural Moisturisers

By contrast, JooMo’s natural mild cleaners and cleansers retain the natural oils, essential minerals, and natural defences.

JooMo’s therapeutic effects on problem skin includes:

» Anti-inflammatory » Anti-Viral » Anti-Fungal » Skin cell regenerating » Oil production balancing » Anti-septic » Calming » Softening » Moisturising » Hypoallergenic (ie. non-allergy producing)

5,000 years of testing!

Tried & Tested

We never use any ingredient that hasn’t been tried and tested on skin for centuries, and has proved itself to be both safe and effective.

Our MIRR technology uses a combination of these extremely effective constituents in the correct balance to make them work synergistically together. This active system then repairs the damage caused by normal cosmetics products

NO Animal Testing

Formulating with you in mind, we stopped at nothing in creating these hugely versatile and delicious face products!

Our ingredients are SO safe, you can eat every single one (but please don’t!). Oh yes, and finally of course, No Animal Testing!