Chemical & Preservative

All JooMo® products are guaranteed 100% Truly Natural & Preservative Free

» No Additives

» No Preservatives

» No Parabens

» No Foam Boosters (SLS, SLES etc)

» No Soaps or Detergents

» No Sulphates

» No ‘Naturally Derived’ rubbish!

» No ‘Nature Identical’ nonsense!

» No Alcohol

» No Alkalis

» No Synthetic Perfumes

» No Synthetic Colourings

» No Synthetic Chemicals

» No Mineral oils

» No Petrochemicals

» No Silicones

» No Animal Testing

» No Antiseptics

» No Bio-technology

» No Fermented products

» No Genetically modified “natural” by-products (eg. Xanthan Gum).

» No Ingredients extracted with synthetic solvents

» No Contamination

» No Bioaccumulation

» No Water Toxicity

» No ingredients that haven’t been tried and tested for 1000’s of years!

» No Body odour (Saponins are deodorants)!

» No Ingredients you can’t eat!

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