An industry cover-up?

The 'Natural' Cometics Industry

The reality is that most of the big name skin care brands that claim to be natural are in fact far from it, and there is an multi-billion dollar industry cover-up going on.

The industry has responded to the increasing demand for additive-free cosmetics by inventing a new deception: “Natural” cosmetics. For the most part these are cosmetic products full of the normal harsh synthetic additives (including harsh preservatives) but with just a few natural ingredients included. These products are then labelled as ‘Natural’.

How does the existing 'natural' skin care industry deceive the public?

» The 97% Natural’ comedians! Some brands make claims like ‘97% Natural!’ This is clearly absurd as less that 1% of some synthetic products can cause severe damage, so 2-3% of any synthetic product is really bad news!

» The ‘Naturally Derived‘ jokers! Others in the so-called ‘natural’ brigade claim 100% natural because they include ‘Naturally Derived’ ingredients: this is basically the process of the chemical alteration of natural substances – this includes every synthetic chemical ever made!

» The ‘Nature Identical‘ crowd! This is the process of manufacturing in the laboratory an obscure substance found in nature, and then including it in their ‘Natural’ finished product.

» Claiming a product uses ‘Plant Based ingredients’: a term widely used that is used to cover up the fact that the ingredient is a chemical synthesized from plant extract raw materials. Soap is the common example (see following…)

» The ‘Soap is Natural‘ claim is a common deception based on the fact that one of the raw materials (a fat or oil) is natural, forgetting that all soaps and detergents are synthetically created by the violent reaction of these raw materials with a powerful caustic chemical alkali like sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Please get this straight: there is no such thing as ‘natural’ soap! (read: Soap & its effects on skin pH…)

» And finally to ‘Organic‘! Oh dear. Please could someone explain to us how adding 1 or 2 organic products mixed in with a sea of synthetics is of any use at all?

Moreover the industry has given itself the illusion of respectability by setting up “Natural Standards” Organisations that would certify them as “natural”!

The 'Natural' Standards Organisations: BDIH & NaTrue​

The main European ‘Natural Standards Organisations’ are bodies created by the industry and re-inforce this deception.

Discover the disturbing truth about the huge industry in so-called ‘Natural’ cosmetics, and the facts about the two main industry ‘Standards’ organisations.

As a result of this, JooMo® intend to re-define the cosmetics industry and bring in a set of new EU wide honest labelling standards.

JooMo® are challenging the natural skin care industry to clean up its act on misleading packaging and use of the word ‘natural’…

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