Solving the skin allergy epidemic

skin microbiome Enhancing technology

'THIRD WAVE' Cosmetics

The linking of Synthetic Chemicals in everyday cosmetics as a major contributor to the skin allergy epidemic is now becoming irrefutable.

The solution to the problem lies with THIRD WAVE cosmetics. JooMo® are world leaders in the THIRD WAVE revolution.

To address the problem of the catastrophic decline in western skin biodiversity, all THIRD WAVE Cosmetics should increase microbial diversity and enhance the skin’s microbiome.

The Skin Microbiome unleashed!
2019 Research Update

For the first time, clinical trials have shown how regular use of everyday cosmetics damages the skin, repressing the microbiome and de-moisturising the skin. Working in partnership with the Medical University of Graz, UK skin health pioneers JooMo are involved in an ongoing study to determine whether everyday cosmetics really are behind the enormous rise in skin allergy problems in the western world.

JooMo compared to Leading Global Brands

The trials show how high street cosmetics appear to maintain the depleted western microbiome, while third wave microbiome friendly products like JooMo greatly increase skin microbiome biodiversity (biodiversity being the definitive measure of skin health).

Moisture Retention & Hydration

Everyday cosmetics were also shown to greatly de-moisturise the skin, a key reason why skin becomes damaged. 

Again by contrast, third wave technology in JooMo meant that it was the only product to maintain skin moisture.

'Third Wave' Skin Microbiome Technology

STEP1: First, do no harm (Primum non nocere )

This familiar medical oath is key to understanding the first part of how JooMo works: all Third Wave products MUST be 100% natural and preservative free using natural ingredients that are taken directly from nature in doses that the body’s immune system is familiar with.

Microbiota Immune Response Regulation (MIRR)™ Technology is the key game changing science with its ability to empower, NOT change, the skin’s natural environment. This ‘natural’ skin environment keeps the resident bacterial flora attached to the skin, whereas damaged skin promotes their dispersal from the skin and leads to pathogenic bacterial and fungal growth.

MIRR™ Technology is active in all JooMo® skin care products, and creates a healthy skin environment to prevent ailments: ‘natural’ skin is a barrier to infection and allergic reactions. By inhibiting pathogenic microbes (ie. infection causing bacteria) while encouraging the growth of desirable micro-organisms, MIRR™ Technology creates the ideal environment for Biodiversity to flourish: microbes in the right proportions look after and protect your skin.

Repairing the damage caused by a lifetime of using synthetic products, the specially balanced natural and preservative free ingredients enables the body/skin to revert to its natural state through pH balancing, oil & moisture regulation, electrolyte (salt) balancing, immune system regulation and skin cell regeneration.

Synergistically, our ingredients work together as natural pH modifiers, antioxidants, softeners & emollients to create the perfect conditions for a healthy, biodiverse ecosystem to flourish.

This produces the correct environment for natural healing mechanisms: the skin curing problems gradually by itself.

With natural pH modifiers, antioxidants, softeners & emollients, JooMo® absorbs impurities (helps acne and blemishes), doesn’t clog pores, is an excellent cleanser & moisturiser, improves skin texture and smoothness, and leaves the skin silky soft and supple.

JooMo - Harmless Bacteria

How JooMo Works...

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Skin Microbiome School

The Science!

Kit explains how Biodiversity is the secret to healthy skin:

“JooMo IS NOT a Probiotic…”

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