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14th February 2018

First ever clinical trials into effect of everyday cosmetics on the skin microbiome completed at Medical University of Graz.

JooMo to reveal findings of pilot research study in forthcoming scientific paper.

UK skin health pioneers JooMo are working in partnership with the Medical University of Graz in an ongoing study to determine the effects of everyday cosmetics on the skin microbiome.

The initial phase of this study is now complete, and JooMo will publish the results in their forthcoming peer reviewed research paper.

However, Kit Wallen Russell – who heads the research liaison team at JooMo – is able to release some crucial information about the trial into the public domain.

As lead author of the previous paper, published in 2017, ‘Meta Analysis of the Skin Microbiome‘, Kit describes how this opened the door for this new study:

“Being able to use skin microbial biodiversity as a measure for skin health meant that we could for the first time test what it is in the environment that is damaging western skin.”

Kit believes that the data from this new pilot study supports the central conclusion of his 2017 study that microbial biodiversity is the only reliable measure of skin health. Although unable to reveal the full results until the paper is published, Kit was able to comment on the pilot data analysis:

“JooMo products were of course included in the trial – all I can say is that we are very pleased with the results. We believe that the data analysis supports JooMo’s existing claims about increasing skin microbial diversity and therefore improving skin health.  There may even be further benefits we hadn’t previously considered.”

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Appalled at the dishonesty of the so-called ‘natural’ cosmetics industry, Linda Russell, Nick Wallen and their twin sons Sam & Kit used this industry redefining technology to co-found Award Winning British success story JooMo Ltd.

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